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VIDEO: Two Kenyan Women Battered By Lebanese Army Officer

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VIDEO: Two Kenyan Women Battered By Lebanese Army OfficerTwo Kenyan women were assaulted on the streets of Lebanon by an army officer, a video that has since gone viral video shows.

The women are assaulted in broad daylight by the officer and a civilian who later joins in.

According to the The Daily Starthe beat down went on for a solid 15 minutes before the police intervened.

The women together with the civilian were arrested.

But according to the Lebanese Army, the women in question attacked the officer and were intoxicated.

“The two women who were drunk assaulted an army member who was with his wife, and hit him with a bottle on his head. This prompted one of the civilians (present at the scene) to interfere and hit the two women,” the statement read.

The women are also said to have filed complaints of assault and battery.


Middle East Eye


This is the moment two Kenyan women were beaten by a ‘Lebanese official’ in Beirut



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