VIDEO:5 Ways to Force Raila Out of Politics – Mutahi Ngunyi


Raila OdingaPolitical analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has unveiled a 5-point hypothesis on how CORD leader Raila Odinga could be subtly retired from active politics.

In an opinion piece titled How to RETIRE Raila in 5 INSTALMENTS, Ngunyi mentions that since the former Premier had proven that he was not willing to take a back seat in his quest for Presidency, the only way was to enforce the theory which would eventually render Odinga ineffective.

According to Ngunyi, the number one step is to ‘Inflate his (Odinga) sense of self-worth with platitudes’, in order to blind him with self-importance.

In this analysis he noted that if Odinga was showered with flatteries and accolades from his loyal followers, he would fail to perceive the reality and in turn slip, consequently hitting a dead-end.

“When he starts to believe in them, then he becomes the flatteries and when he becomes the flatteries and he is approached by danger, then he is unable to deal with danger and defeat,” Ngunyi said.

“Because if he has been told that he is Raila baba, Raila mwana, raila roho mtakatifu, how can he be defeated, how can he lose an election?” he questioned.

Secondly, the political analyst proposed a policy drawn from the Book of Fire which states ‘Increase his (Odinga) appetite for painful sacrifices’.

In this hypothesis, Ngunyi highlighted that Mr Odinga was on a witch hunting mission to evict certain officers from public service in a bid to satiate a certain fire within him.

He divulged that if the appetite is fulfilled and constantly increased, the fire would at some point die because there will be nothing to burn.

The third step suggested by Ngunyi was to ‘Blind-side him (Odinga) with Rented Loyalty’. According to the analyst, this would make the Opposition chief think he had power and authority which was non-existent.

Ngunyi divulged that politicians giving him support for a specified period would trick him to believe they were on his side.

“Raila Odinga because of the support he has, has begun to imagine himself as the President and has also begun acting as President. And if he would be forced into early retirement it is because of that particular delusion,” Ngunyi stated.

A fourth strategy established by Ngunyi was to ‘Delude him (Odinga) with the idea of power’, a design he said President Uhuru Kenyatta was using on Odinga.

On this premise, he pointed out that by constantly referring to Odinga as Prime Minister, a position that does not exist, would quench his thirst for power.

He added that also allowing Odinga to feel he had power, hoodwinked him to believe that he was in control, reigning over an ‘imaginary government’, therefore, satisfying his appetite.

Lastly, the ardent critic of Odinga recommended ‘Cook him (Odinga) slowly: Speed is not a virtue’. Ngunyi opined that since Mr Odinga would not retire, he needed to be retired slowly but surely, since he was going to be around for a long while.

“Speed in war is not a virtue at all and that is the reason why we must not be too quick to attempt retire Raila like the opinion poll told us,” Ngunyi noted.

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