Police officer, Diaspora Messenger News MediaA two minute video has surfaced online showing a police officer in uniform assaulting a civilian and injuring him badly.

However, from the video, its unclear who started the confrontation but the male civilian can be heard asking the police officer why he had beaten him yet he found him at the parking lot.

The confrontation between the two then escalates as the civilian demands to know why the police officer had insulted him. The male civilian then pushes the police officer who fights back as his helmet falls down.


The attempts to hit the police with a stone before the officer picks something on the ground and hits the civilian on the head which leaves him bleeding profusely.

The man still bleeding goes ahead and pushes the officer’s motorbike and sits on it before the officer picks him up and starts to give him first aid and lays him down in a shed.

In the background a man is heard begging with the officer to stop what he is doing, but it all falls on deaf ears of the officer.

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