Kenyans react to Isaac Ruto’s Flight to South Africa for mere dressing on the nose


ruto_hospital_0Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto jetted out of the country Tuesday evening to seek specialised treatment in South Africa following the injury he sustained on Sunday after an altercation with police.

At around 7:20pm, the Bomet Governor tweeted: “Departing for further treatment in South Africa at 8.35 PM.”

Officials close to the County Boss disclosed that Ruto was allowed to fly out since his visage had been injured.

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The alleged tear gas canister that hit him below the right eye is said to have damaged the bridge of his nose, hence, a need to fly out.

Despite police indicating that the Governor might have been hit by a stone hurled by a protester, Ruto maintains he was hit on the face by a tear gas canister lobbed by a police officer and which fortunately did not explode.

Governor Ruto was injured on Sunday after his supporters clashed with those of National Assembly Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso when he arrived to watch a football match at Silibwet Stadium.

He was rushed to a local hospital before being airlifted to Nairobi on Monday for specialised treatment.

The Governor’s move to fly to South Africa has, however, sparked controversy considering speculations that his bill might be settled by the Council of Governors using public funds.

Departing for further treatment in South Africa at 8.35 PM.

@IsaacRutoGov– And we are supposed to celebrate that you are taking our hard earned tax money to South Africa? What a shame!

@IsaacRutoGov speedy recuperation Mr Governor. Our prayers are with you

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@IsaacRutoGov hii ni utoto……so in kenya we dont have good hospital s


Rabura @Honrabura

@IsaacRutoGov @MigunaMiguna This are people who can’t maintain county hospitals now running to S.A. for a mere dressing on the nose wizi tu

@IsaacRutoGov Seriously?! Your citizens without the wherewithal for medical tourism to other countries wata do?

@isaacrutogov ,wish you quick recovery and hope that you have learn a lasting lesson, what goes round comes round.

@IsaacRutoGov So u have decided to sink pesa mashinani in SA?Get well soon coz next your leg will be amputated as you watch!

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@IsaacRutoGov @UgatuziKenya ope Auditors will not find loss of millions in county Budget allocations as a result of S.Africa treatment.

@IsaacRutoGov mkubwa, this is not right. What are the rest of us supposed to do when we fall I’ll? Us who can’t afford such trips?

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