Raila Visited Traditional Shrine to Gain Magical Powers to Beat Uhuru – Jubilee Leaders


raila-in-got-ramogi-hillsA section of Jubilee Leaders led by Embu County Senator Lenny Kivuti has lashed out at ODM leader Raila Odingaafter reports emerged that he had undergone a special ritual at the sacred Got Ramogi Hills in Bondo, Siaya County.

Speaking at a fundraiser on Sunday in Embu County, Kivuti accused Odinga of sourcing witchcraft powers so that he could defeat President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017 elections.

Terming the ritual barbaric and satanic, Jubilee presidential campaign team member Kalembe Ndile, echoed the Senator’s sentiments stating that Odinga should seek God instead of magical powers.

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“The emergence of Raila from the Got Ramogi shrine wearing a hide, a traditional headgear and wielding a two-headed spear was clear indication that the opposition chief had undergone a mysterious ritual to give him magical powers to oust President Kenyatta,” Ndile stated.

The leaders claimed to have intelligence reports that many politicians had been visiting sorcerers so as to acquire satanic powers that would help them win different seats in the upcoming General Election.

They urged all political aspirants and leaders in the country to turn to God before the evil powers turned to haunt them later.

Meanwhile, the former Prime Minister underwent a traditional ritual on Saturday where he was given special powers by Luo elders.

After the ritual, Odinga came out of the shrine dressed in traditional regalia and declared that he had received blessings to beat President Kenyatta in the upcoming General Election.

“I have received blessings and tools of war that will enable me face the battle with a lot of courage. I will not disappoint you,” Odinga affirmed.

The elders presented him with a two-headed spear, sharpened on two traditional stones as a symbol of the tools needed in his quest for power and declared him a community warrior.


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  1. Guest says

    You cannot defeat a THIEF if you can’t STOP the thief from stealing.

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