Marwa threatens to bomb Boni Forest, says ready to die in war on al Shabaab


A file photo of security officers carrying out a patrol in Boni Forest near Mpeketoni in Lamu.

Coast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa has threatened to bomb Boni forest to flush out al Shabaab terrorists.

Marwa noted the al Qaeda-linked militants have turned the forest into the centre of their operations.

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“In the next few days, you will be seeing fireworks from Boni Forest. We need to bomb that forest completely,” Marwa said on a tour of Likoni on Thursday.

“From here I will be landing in Boni. When you hear any noise from those sides, know the attacks against criminals have started.”

Marwa stressed that the attackers, who have ambushed police officers and residents, will be dealt with inside the forest.

“I will enter the forest if others fear going there,” he said and urged Boni residents to work with police.

“I am ready to die while fighting al Shabaab in the forefront as the commander.”

On Tuesday, four police officers and four pupils were killed after a lorry hit an Improvised Explosive Device in Lamu.

The explosion was linked to terrorists in the forest who disappear into it after carrying out attacks.


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  1. LL says

    I hope he takes care because one does not know who cooperates with whom or who has been threatened to cooperate or else. This is too close to the refugees as well. It’s important to ensure the attackers are not fleeing into the refugee camps either. My question is if these are Kenyans or Somalis? If they are Somalis, how are they getting into Kenya to create fear and havoc? Also, are they living in the camps? Furthermore, will they be returned to Somalia if captured or will they be held in Kenya? Will medical units be on stand-by? Are there booby-traps set? PLease warn all residents of the likelihood of booby-traps (and especially to keep children out of harm’s way).

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