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Are NASA, Judiciary co-conspirators? Ngunyi asks after judges skip Uhuru address

President Uhuru Kenyatta greets Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka ahead of the official opening of the 12th Parliament on Tuesday, September 12, 2017. /PSCU

Mutahi Ngunyi has received criticism after asking whether NASA and the Judiciary are co-conspirators after they skipped the 12th Parliament’s opening ceremony.

Supreme Court judges and opposition MPs, save for Webuye East member Alfred Sambu, boycotted the session.

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The Judiciary representatives had seats reserved for them pointing to the fact that they were invited.

“Judiciary and NASA boycott parliament. Are they co-conspirators? My 63rd out of 52 columns,” Ngunyi said in a tweet.

But with more than 150 retweets, the political analyst’s followers hit at him with others asking him to style up.

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“Co-conspirators for justice and truth. Unlike NYS connivers who cannot boycott a chance to loot,” a twitter user said.

Abdullah Omar said: “Are they? Is there really a conspiracy?”.

“And mr “know it all”, do you think it is ok for Uhuru to call the Judiciary thugs? He is yet to apologise. Why should they attend then?” Dennis Gwaro asked.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, after the Supreme Court held that he was not validly elected on August 8, hit at the apex court.

He referred to the team headed by Chief Justice David Maraga, save for two judges who dissented the judgement, as crooks.

Uhuru said, at a rally in Burma Market shortly after the verdict, that he will ‘fix’ the judges when he becomes the president.

Erick Mugita said: “Not everything is a conspiracy…or we can also say there is a conspiracy between the president and Jubilee MPs to open parliament.”

“Are you sure they would have allowed “wakoras”in their midst?”‏ Boaz Sitati asked on Wednesday.

Machuki Barongo said: “The taste of NYS has made a fraudulent analyst deem himself as political sorcerer. Witchcraft is real.”

“Kindly spare us your political sorcery…there is a reason you don’t command any respect in the political science community,” James Mutunga said.

Other users supported Ngunyi’s sentiments arguing the judiciary and NASA should have attended the opening session.

“No matter how they collude, if they are, they will not be able to annul second round results if Raila loses. And lose, he will!! Big time,” a user said.

@AriwoKa said: “NASA and Judiciary are same prototypes, no wonder they were all in Kamukunji grounds today..instead of attending the Presidential address.”

“Uhuru and Jubilee were not found guilty of any election illegality. But were the only winners. UhuRuto is being punished unfairly,” Kanja Thuku said.

NASA staged a “mass no-show”.

Minority whip-designate Opiyo Wandayi (Ugunja) led calls to “empty-chair” Uhuru, saying they cannot sit and listen to a lame-duck President.

“We as members of NASA, and myself for that matter, find it politically untenable to sit in Parliament and listen to a person against whom my party leader is competing.”

But Uhuru said on Monday that a boycott by NASA wouldn’t matter and that Jubilee leaders would carry on with business including passing bills.

“Boycott ukae nyumbani (Stay at home). The people who will lose are the people you present because their issues will not be articulated,” he said.

The president is facing Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who is NASA presidential candidate, in a fresh poll on October 17


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