Stage-Managed: Kenyans Fall for Mombasa Witch Doctor’s ‘Naked Thieves’ Advertisement


Stage-Managed: Kenyans Fall for Mombasa Witch Doctor’s ‘Naked Thieves’ Advertisement
Stage-Managed: Kenyans Fall for Mombasa Witch Doctor’s ‘Naked Thieves’ Advertisemen

By close of business Wednesday, every Kenyan had heard, seen pictures or watched that video of 2 naked men in Mombasa. As the story went, the two men had stolen a car – a Nissan Fuga, and were driving it towards Bamburi Mtambo from Bamburi Mwisho.

They later packed the car outside a clinic where the reportedly got out, removed clothes and started bathing in a mud puddle. According to eyewitnesses, the two men were saying it was too hot and they needed a bath.

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One of the men picked up a snake that was apparently following them and started ‘speaking’ to it. Residents said that they then started dancing with it as if they were having a conversation. Taking turns, the 2 men carried the snake around their necks. It was then said that the two would only be released when the car owner arrived at the scene. All this time, hundreds of curious onlookers crowded the scene and took pictures and videos. Police were unable to control the crowd, and it was made worse when the two men threatened on several occasions to throw the snake to the crowd. This caused some mini-stampedes.

Despite being hundreds of onlookers taking photos and videos and sending them instantly on Whatsapp and other social media channels, there is a gap in the story.

The next time we heard about the ‘thieves’ was on KTN News.

No kidding, KTN gave live coverage to the event. The men had now arrived at ‘Daktari Taichi‘s’ place of work to be ‘cleansed’. Daktari Taichi is apparently a 19 year old ‘Doctor’ from Uganda.

On live TV, he performed some ‘vodoo’ acts culminating in slaughtering a black cock. All the while, the two men were strategically positioned in front of a banner indicating the services offered by this daktari, his phone number and website.


You would be forgiven for thinking that someone at KTN was party to this scam and gave instructions for the live coverage. Or perhaps the ‘daktari’ was simply too sharp for them.

Anytime I see such incidents of suspected witchcraft, including the more frequent lovers getting ‘stuck’, I always ask myself – why does the thief require to go physically to the witch doctor for ‘cleansing’? If the vodoo worked remotely, the cure should too after the lost item is recovered. The only logical conclusion is that this is usually elaborate advertising of the witch doctor’s services… in short a big scam.

In the evening, police acted.


Stage-Managed: Kenyans Fall for Mombasa Witch Doctor’s ‘Naked Thieves’ Advertisement

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