Raila Reveals He Had Frequent Private Communication With Akombe


Nasa leader Raila Odinga yesterday for the first time admitted having communicated constantly and privately with an IEBC commissioner. Speaking in Nyamira County, Raila stated that former IEBC commissioner Roselyn Akombe resigned for fear of her life, and had been planning for weeks on how to outsmart ‘government mercenaries’. This is contrary to what she repeated in several media interviews, that her decision to resign and flee was as a result of her visit to Nasa dominated counties just a few days prior, where IEBC staff expressed to her fear for their lives.

According to Raila, Akombe had to devise a plan to leave the country without raising suspicion, particularly due to the JKIA incident last month.

“Her plan was very well calculated and she moved her family and luggage ahead of the Dubai trip while tricking the rest of the IEBC commissioners that she would join them only to land in New York,” said Mr Odinga.

He went on to call her a ‘brave and bright’ woman.

The Nasa leader then revealed that he called Akombe immediately he learnt of the incident at JKIA, where she was held by government officials as she reportedly tried to flee the country. ”We talked and she told me that they had tried to strip her naked as they searched for any possible evidence and secrets of the annulled Presidential poll,” Raila said.

Raila added that Akombe’s harassment was part of a calculated plan to finish her. “She finally beat them in their own game when she landed in New York,” he said.

There had been numerous rumors from the Jubilee side before Akombe’s resignation, that she was a Nasa mole. She came out a few times to deny it, including one time disowning some Whatsapp screenshots that were doing rounds on social media.

Her resignation last week seems to have further convinced the Jubilee wing that she was working for the opposition, due to the manner she exited the stage, plus the timing. Her statements after the resignation seemed to be in sync with what Nasa has been saying, and unlike most professionals, she has been more than happy to trash her former colleagues, the process and decisions. Many Jubilee supporters point to the fact that she is ‘suspiciously eager’ to give media interviews as a pointer to a bigger game in play.

Raila’s admission that he held frequent undisclosed conversations with Akombe will only embolden Jubilee supporters’ belief that she was the Nasa mole.

Source -http://nairobiwire.com

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