VIDEO: Young Jubilee Supporter from Mombasa Meets Uhuru-Cutest Thing Ever


Since early last month, you may have come across a trending video(watch above) of a little boy passionately talking and singing about Uhuruto.

The boy, 6-Year-Old Omar Mohamed, is from Mwembe Tayari, Mvita Constituency in Mombasa County. As the story goes, the viral clip was recorded by a neighbor who found him dressed in Jubilee gear at his parents’ shop.

The neighbour would later send it to Mohamed’s father, who was on assignment in a neighbouring country. However, the video was just too good not to share with the rest of the country and Omar soon became the darling of social media.

Omar’s only wish was to meet his role model President Uhuru Kenyatta. Yesterday, his dream came true.

Accompanied by his father and mother, Omar was hosted by President Uhuru at Statehouse Mombasa.

In addition to receiving a tour of State House from Uhuru, Omar had an interesting conversation with his role model that has warmed the hearts of internet users.

In clips shared on social media, the newfound best friends are seen exchanging sweet nothings with Omar going as far as planting kisses on Uhuru’s cheeks.

Watch the clips below:

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