24 and 21 years old: Meet Kenya’s youngest CEOs


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Meet George Kimani, 24 and Seth Gor 21, Kenya’s youngest CEOs. They have dominated YouTube with their hilarious Vine videos and garnered a huge following on social media.  They talk to Campus Vibe about their journey.

1.      Who are you people

George: My full name is George Kimani Ng’ang’a. I am 24 years old. I did my GCSE and A Levels in the UK then came back to Kenya to study actuarial science but I left in second year to continue my passion in film and arts.

Seth: My name is Seth Omuga Gor, I’m 21 years old, turning 22 this Christmas. Currently I am in the University of Nairobi studying for my bachelor’s in economics and statistics. I have worked as a brand promoter for various brands. Currently I run Vines of Africa as the CEO. It’s an entertainment company, which produces short skits that tell brand stories.

2.      What drew you to Vines?

George: I have always had a passion for film. One of my goals is to direct my own feature film. I was thinking how I could enter such an industry in Kenya. My university degree was totally different from anything involved with film but then the Vine app came about around 2013 where people make humorous skits and post them online and I thought to myself, ‘this could be a great opportunity to showcase my creativity.

Vine was not popular in Kenya, so I used Instagram instead to promote my content. Within a year, I was already at 5,000 followers, all watching my videos and from then on, I have continued creating content and never looked back.

Seth: I was just on the net one day and came across king Bach’s vines. I found them hilarious, not all, just some. I thought to myself, well, I can do this but in a way Kenyans can understand and relate to. That was it.

3.      How did the two of you team up?

George: Seth actually called me around August 2016. At the time, Seth and I were the biggest names in the Vine industry in Kenya. He told me he was starting a TV show based around skits. He asked me if I was interested in joining the show and I agreed.

4.      Where did the idea of starting Vines Of Africa come from?

Seth: Vines of Africa was started at the beginning of this year. We thought we needed to bring something different. A whole new level of humour to the Kenyan market. As opposed to just tribal jokes.

5.      Why Vines?

Seth: We chose vines because they are short and straight to the point. One minute is enough time to execute a joke.

6.      What was the reaction from your family members when you decided to go through this path?

George: I still do not think my family really understands what I do. I also do not really show them my videos. I did keep it a secret from them for like two years. They are supportive though.

Seth: Well, as long as I am doing something beneficial with my life, they are cool. This is the path I have chosen to lead.

9.      Is there someone special in your lives, romantically that is?

George: No, I have enough stresses in my life already. I am not currently dating nor do I want to date anytime soon. I am happy just being committed to myself.

Seth: No. There is no one special in my life but I hope next year will be a good year for me. Vetting starts immediately.

10.  What is next for Seth and Gor?

George: Personally, I want to keep doing what I am doing. I have a short film that I am writing at the moment. I want to venture into script writing and finally direct my own film some day.

Seth: Well, the next thing is tapping into the advertisement industry. We will soon be working with corporates such as Safaricom and KCB using humour to sell their products.

11.  Your advice to aspiring vloggers out there?

George: I usually give this advice to people who ask this question: Keep at it, keep doing what you’re doing and don’t lose heart.

Seth: If you want to do it… start now. Procrastination is a disease. Do it now. Do it right. Be unique.


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