Kenyan student in US make history with first ever master’s degree in Nuclear Medicine


Kenyan student in US make history with first ever master’s degree in Nuclear Medicine

Kenyan student in US make history with first ever master’s degree in Nuclear MedicineJohn Gitau Wairimu, 34, a Kenyan Based in Birmingham Alabama, and three other Americans will become the first four students in the whole of United States to earn masters degrees in Nuclear Medicine Technology. The four students are graduating from The University of Alabama at Birmingham UAB. This is the first Nuclear Medicine program to rise to master’s entry level in the whole of United States and the only Nuclear medicine technology program in the state of Alabama.

Nuclear Medicine Technology, which began in the 1950s is a branch of medicine that involves a peaceful use of radioactive drugs known as radioisotopes or radionuclides, premier molecular imaging tool that physicians use to diagnose, stage and treat diseases. This technology is mostly used in diagnosing and staging cancer, detecting heart defects and brain infarction but it is also used in all the other organ systems.

Wairimu, who also hold a bachelors degree in Public Health with a concentration in epidemiology from UAB, has been involved in various research projects involving environmental pollution in Birmingham area and hopes to pursue his PhD in Healthcare management in the Fall of 2018 .He hopes to conduct his research in ways to balance health disparities in Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing world.

“I feel privileged to to have pursued my studies in this great world known university hospital”. Says Wairimu. “ I have rubbed shoulder with some of the greatest scientists and Physicians in the World at the UAB, and having learnt from them, I feel ready and confident enough to go out there in the World and have an impact in someone’s life”.


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  1. Mbocha says

    Congrats Sana classmate!!! Very very proud of you. May God lead you to even greater heights beyond your imagination!!

  2. Moses Njoki says

    This is a great accomplishment Gitau.May the Lord continue to give you favor and accomplish greatness. Love it .Congratulations.

  3. Ckmuts says

    Congratulations bless your heart. The sky is the limit keep soaring high

  4. Grace ann njeri says

    Congratulations wairimu… You destined for greatness… God bless you!!!

  5. fulmwalo says

    Congratulations this big achievement…

  6. john says

    Congrats we are proud of u man

  7. Nish says

    Congrats Johnny and all the best.

  8. Peter kinuthia says

    Congratulations Gitau,am proud of you.

  9. Wesley machungo says

    Pongezi kaka

  10. Michael Mburugutu Isaacs says

    Hongera may you be a blessing to many.

  11. Katrice Robinson says


  12. Njoru says

    Congratulating my brother for your achievements.

  13. vincent onyango says

    congratulations . In germany its quite common.

    1. T. oranjino says

      uwivu nayo

      1. Caroline says

        I doubt his comment was trying to take away from Wairimu’s achievement. The article clearly states that it’s the first time a masters in the program had been implemented and the commenter was just pointing out the program is common in Germany. So what I took from his comment is that Germany is very advanced in this particular field if a masters program is common. Read to comprehend and not to just take the first opportunity to hurl insults and accusations.

    2. T. oranjino says

      uwivu nayo!

    3. Othuol Guok. says

      But Germany is not USA as per the post.If his name started with ‘O’,am sure you wouldn’t have said that.Jaluo tulirogwa na nani?

      1. Lilly says

        True. It sounds strange with his comment. It’s like it’s not a big deal. Better shut and don’t comment anything. Wivu will do you do good.

    4. Charles says

      Vincent Onyango shame on you for that comment. Who the hell are you to shun such an accomplishment! Congrats Gits! Proud of you!@

    5. Catherine says

      Hehe.. so what??? Spare your comment until the discussion is about comparing Germany and US. Wichita mtupu

    6. Fortunate says

      If its common, I guess you have it!!!!!!

  14. Samuel Migiro says

    Congrats Gitau . I hope the education will prolong the life of some people.

  15. Samuel Migiro says

    Congrats Gitau . I hope the education will prolong the life of some people.

  16. Congrats says


  17. Faith says

    Congrats Gitau….. Kenya is proud of you and your achievements! And As you said, we trust you will make impacts on many people’s lives. Cheers!

  18. Nyaachi Mbera says

    a good record

  19. Sally wangwe says

    You have made us proud! Great job!!

  20. To says

    Congrats bro

  21. Janet says

    This are the people I expect to see on the list not kina kitheri man. Kudos young man kudos.

  22. Moses kj says

    Cong’s our own ,with opportunity we can get there God blesss you

  23. Kioni Caroline says

    Job well done!

    1. Daniel Kioni says

      Kioni Carolina hii jambo, wish to know you more, coz l Em also Kioni’s, me my brother and sis

  24. Evans Macharia says

    Hongera bro, keep the star shining bright.

  25. Robert Wamaya says

    Great achievement… Numbers 6:24-26 be always upon you.

  26. Joseph Thuku says

    Congratulations son! Please come home and help fight cancer as you teach others. God bless you

  27. Manyuanda says


  28. John G Wairimu says

    I really appreciate all the warm and kind words from my fellow Kenyans. Nashukuru sana and it really means a lot to me. I feel much loved.

    1. Jacinta M says

      Congratulations!!!! You have made us proud.

    2. wambui warui says

      Congrats..proud of you as a fellow kenyan. Come to kenya and help fight cancer. Why can’t we have a PET scan now in kenya?

  29. Grace says

    Congratulations have made us proud.God bless you

  30. Naomi Kinyanjui says

    Congrats baby brother.

  31. Jayne says

    Congratulation gitau wairimu.

  32. purity mumbi says

    Congratulations we are proud of you

  33. Mwangi j says

    congratulations I believe every kenyan is a winner

  34. Jaybee says

    Congratulations have made us proud.God bless you More n more

  35. Nancy Mathenge says

    Congratulations. May God guide your footsteps as you aspire to make a difference in someone’s life. You make us proud.

  36. Angela says

    Congrats you have made us proud thanks a lot Gitau

  37. Anne kibet says

    Comments congratulations, may greater heights open for you. The sky is not the limit.

  38. Renee says

    Well done and keep pressing on!! Please do come back to the Mother Land and make an even greater impact!

  39. Mitchell miano says

    Congratulations. Proud of you as a Kenyan
    God bless

  40. qui says


  41. Faith says


  42. Angela kariuki says


  43. Amos Peter Kinyanjui says

    Congrats bro. May all glory and honor be unto God for making you being recognized in the whole world.

  44. Felix says

    Congrats bro,

  45. Ann Kuria says

    Comment:proud to be Kenyan right now..our dreams are valid

  46. Sarah says

    Congrats you make us proud, you make me proud of you, Karura is your home village I guess? Gitau

  47. Vicky says

    Congrats, remember sky is the limit- push on!!

  48. Kinyanjui Biu says

    Congratulations on your achievements..

  49. oloo mike says

    Congrats, sasa arudi Kenya kuna kazi kwa nuclear board of Kenya ajenge nchi!

  50. Edward Gathirimu says

    Comment:This is wonderful!!! God with you always BRA………..VO!!!!!!!! good time.

  51. JAMES NGARI says

    Thanks a lot Mr Gitau. I am proud of your achievement. That says alot about the country: that afterall the misrepresentation by our polititcians, there are people with brains to solve our problems. May God bless you abundantly.

  52. K. W Mwaura says

    Congrats Gitau. We thank God for you. May HE continue to protect you and help you shine more in that field and in service to humanity.
    Congrats to Wairimu too.

  53. Jorges Muthii says

    Congrats Gits… You’ve made not only a name for yourself,our country Kenya but also in the Great Books of History.
    All The Best…..

  54. Fiddie says

    Congratulations Gits …you have really made us proud.

  55. George Mwangi says

    Congratulations Mr Gitau

  56. Sally Raduk says

    Big ups wairimu, that’s just the beginning…..impact on others

  57. Nyakio Mburu says

    Woop Woop! To those who are given much, much is expected… No pressure though :)

  58. Anthony Wahome says

    Very well done‼️

  59. Nesh says

    congrats bro..btwn, nigawiye credit kadthaaa.. mimi bado na hustle na GED

  60. John G Wairimu says

    Asanteni sana everyone am humbled and feel loved. It’s God.

  61. Rachel kamau says

    Congrats Gits we are proud of you.

  62. Prof. James B. Kung'u says

    Congratulations! What the mind can conceive you can accomplish. May our dear Lord continue guiding you as you pursue your dreams for helping humanity.

  63. Veronica Ngugi says

    Congrats our son. May the God of Isaac jacob and Abraham keep you and protect you as you climb higher for his glory. Amen

  64. Simon says

    Well done brother. Go conquer the world using your acquired knowledge, na usisahau to hepl your motherland with the knowledge

  65. Newtonk says

    U r a solid man of substance gitau. Uv upheld the Kenyan anthem abroad. Thanks and congrats always. God bless you as you prepare to come and initiate better cancer treatment measures that were like waiting for your success

  66. Kilonzo says

    Congrats mzae. May your passion be in our great nation Kenya. You are a blessing to us and we thank God for you. I salute you bro.

  67. Ngigi says

    Congrats to Gitau wairimu. Kiambu High alumni.

  68. Gitau Wairimu says

    I am humbled by the love by Kenyan family you guys rock.

  69. Isaac Kimani says

    Congratulations my brother. Kenya is happy to have her son flying high in the sky. Remember the sky is the limit. Phd tunataka sasa and I believe you will achieve it. With God anything is possible.

  70. Tabitha says

    Congratulations son of Kenya. You made us proud.

  71. Millie Mumbo says

    Congrats Gitau. May you excel more and more

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