PHOTOS: Kenyan woman achieve her dream to build Police officers houses

She began a journey to build Police officers houses and today she has achieved her dream and she keeps going.


A year ago when this project began I had doubts I my mind but just like projects I had done before I knew it will take a lot of courage and support to finish but I began anyway.

It’s all started with a call from the OCS Karen Mr. Patrick Macharia summoning me to the station. But that’s was not unusual since I received many of those calls.

The OCS had one request, “can you help us get housing for the police since most of the officers don’t have accommodation and that affects the quality of the services I give”.

That came as a shock because I had never done such a project.

Previously I had helped the station to raise money to repair two land cruisers that were grounded at a cost of 500,000/=. I am a journalist by profession but currently doing community services.

Karen police station was a station until 2years ago when it was upgraded to a division.

Currently it has over 100 police officers sharing about 40 houses.

The number of officers increases each year but the number of houses still remain the same. More than two families are sharing houses that were built for single persons.

I could not sit back and do nothing because this request came at a time when the crime rate was all time high.

I decided to take up a challenge though I was not sure I will manage. I had never seen so much zeal in a police officer.

The project dubbed PROJECT DIGNITY began and aims at providing some dignity and privacy to the police officers.

The plight of the officers sharing very little space devoid of privacy was one no one could ignore as much as it is the government responsibility to provide better housing for its officers.

We had no plan or model of fundraising but being a journalist and also previously working for a multinational organization as a partnership relations officer I knew I could use my skills to fundraise.

The Ocs Mr. Macharia assured me that he will also do his best to fundraise.

My Journey to build police quarters officially began October 2017.

I spoke to Nairobi Governor H.E Mike Sonko who was respond and was willing to give tents for police to use before the houses can be built.

He visited the station to see for himself and he was the first to give materials to kick start the project.

He was at the station for 30 minutes and by the time he left he had ordered 50 bags of cement, 2000 pieces of stones and 100 iron sheets and 20 tons of sand which was delivered the following day.

With the materials on site the project was hopeful and the future looked bright. I began walking house to house in my neighborhood to request for materials since we had agreed with the Ocs that it would be easier to request for materials than asking for cash.

My neighbors (God bless you) responded very positively and the materials started pouring into the station. I remember taking selfies with the stones because it was hard to believe its happening. As many people continued to give materials other community members saw the project start and started contributing even more materials for the same.

The Ocs Mr. Macharia approached organization that are in Karen and were more than happy to be part of the project.

Project Dignity became a community project through help and support of the community and we have achieved great success and as it a waits completion in a couple of weeks it cannot thank my neighbors Muteero Estate and Karen community enough.

The partnership between the Ocs Mr Macharia, Myself and Karen community has seen 10 one roomed houses built at Karen police.

This project might not be the solution but it will make lots of difference.

The partnership has also shown a collective responsibility in working together to make the lives of the police officers better

It’s the little thing that citizen do that will make a difference #wangariMathaai

God Bless You and Keep You.

I also salute Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua, he has donated Kshs. 500,000 to the Kitty of Dennis Omondi Musindi.

The KCB Upper Hill HQ has also sent Ksh. 5,000

From Zero Shillings we niw have Ksh. 4,050,000.

The target is closer two weeks later than it was.

What was impossible is now possible.

Asante Optiven Foun Dation, when the story of success is written it will be remembered you encouraged us.

Kindly continue contributing –

Mpesa Pay Bill 138182
Acc no 1222903350
Bank details.
KCB Milimani Branch.
Acc name. Dennis Musindi
Acc no. 1222903350
For more info Nancy Mwanza(wife) 0715958679

By Dennis Itumbi

OCS Karen Mr. Patrick Macharia

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