Lucy Kibaki breaks her long silence

NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 1 – First Lady Lucy Kibaki on Monday broke her long silence, condemning a terror attack on St Polycarp ACK Church in Nairobi that killed a child and wounded eight others on Sunday.


The statement from the Presidential Press Service came hours after a local daily run a front page story with the headline “Where is Lucy Kibaki?”

Her statement however did not answer health concerns raised by The Star newspaper. Mrs Kibaki’s statement only focused on the deadly attack.

“The First Lady termed the attack as a cowardly act on innocent children. She condoled the family of the 9 year old Master Ian John Muya and wished the injured children quick recovery,” the statement read.

She urged Kenyans to remain vigilant and work closely with the security agencies especially now that Kenya Defence Forces and AMISOM troops had made remarkable progress after the entry in Kismayu, one of the Al Shabaab’s strongholds.

Mrs Kibaki told Kenyans to report any suspicious acts to the police to enhance security across the whole country.

She also called on Kenyans to shun religious divisions reminding the country that the Somalia incursion was a war on terror and was not targeting any religious group.

“The First Lady appealed to Kenyans not to agree to be divided along religious lines, noting that the fight against terrorism was a universal fight against fundamentalist and extremist agents,” the first lady advised.

Meanwhile, Capital FM News has independently established that Mrs Kibaki is not in a critical condition.

“I can tell you and assure you she is alright, she is at her home in Muthaiga, she reads newspapers everyday and goes on with her day to day activities,” a source who did not want his name published as he is not authorised to speak to the media told Capital FM News.

The First Lady has been out of public limelight for a while prompting rumours of her ill health.

“It is very unfair that people say very serious things that are hurting to many others. Lucy has a family. She has daughters, sons, grandchildren, other family members, friends and even many Kenyans who care about her. It is bad that people go around talking like this without thinking what those who care feel,” the source said.




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