My daughter revealed her killers in a dream-Sharon’s mother

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My daughter revealed her killers in a dream-Sharon’s motherMelida Auma claims Sharon appeared to her in a dream and revealed the person who sent her to the grave.

The mother of four told The Nairobian how she had a conversation with Sharon through the dream in which she received her warmly but she was shortly disappointed when when Sharon told her that she was going back to where she came from.

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But not before mentioning the name of the person who killed her and the manner in which the heinous act was committed.

“Sharon came to me through a dream. Our discussion was mainly cantered on the person who caused her death,” recalled Melida, sorrow written all over her face.

Melida, however, is hesitant to mention the name of the killer “because police are conducting investigations into the matter. I assure you that I know the person who killed my daughter.”

She added that Sharon’s ghost will forever haunt those involved in her death.

“Sharon is dead but her eyes are alert. The dream informed me that she will haunt everybody who was involved in her murder.”

Source The Standard Newspaper

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