Current Reality for Cancer Patients In Kenya


Current Reality for Cancer Patients In KenyaFor Kenya’s 45 million people, Cancer is the third leading Cause of death. Approximately 40,000 new Cases of Cancer are diagnosed and estimated 28,500 Kenyans die of Cancer every year.


With the country’s only public comprehensive cancer treatment center based at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, patients must travel from all corners of the country for treatment. While some accommodations exist, for many patients, paying $4 -$5 USD per night for lodging while receiving treatment in Nairobi  is simply unrealistic. Many patients in active cancer treatment sleep in the hospitals corridors or outside. The Well-being of these patients-and their hope for survival-is compromised because they are exposed to the elements, without a place to bathe or prepare a proper meal.

KNH Hope Hostel

The American Cancer Society is partnering with the Kenyatta National Hospital to build a 62-bed Hope Hostel, with plans to break ground in 2019.

The Kenya Hope Hostel will:

  • Serve more than 1,000 cancer patients annually
  • Provide free temporary housing and integrated hospital services, such as palliative care and stoma management
  • House an on-site resource center to connect patients and caregivers with cancer information and resources
  • Offer a place where patients can rest during the day

A track of land on the premises of Kenyatta National Hospital has been allocated for the future development of Hope Hostels.

We need your help

The team from Corporate office of America Cancer Society Washington and New York will be in Houston on November 18, 2p to 5p at The Hilton Hotel Westchase to help drum support for s funds drive for this project. More information will be following soon, but support from friends, corporations and individuals highly appreciated. All checks issued to AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY  ref: KENYA HOSTEL  and can be mailed to :

555  11th St NW ste 300, Washington DC 20004

Or Online contributions made at


More important  bring friends to funds drive Nov 18, 2018. RSVP crucial for Planning,

For more information contact Sanford (832-813-2069), Laban (713-446-6339), Sam N (281-236-9110) Charity Maina (832-656-6920)

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