VIDEO: Kanze Dena’s “Gully Creepa” Moment During Uhuru’s Interview


State House spokesperson and head of the President’s Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU) Kanze Dena was caught on tape crawling behind President Uhuru Kenyatta during the live round-table talk at State House, Mombasa.

The former Citizen TV anchor is seen “gully creeping” during the live Q & A session on Friday evening.

Hawk-eyed Kenyans noticed a woman dressed in a white or grey skirt suit trying to hide from the cameras on her hands and knees.

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Here are some hilarious reactions:

Ustad Junior@ustad_junior

Mark Maasai aside! Who is that crawling behind the curtains? Hii Kenya ina mambo lol!

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Robert ALAI, HSC


I need to have a one on one with President Uhuru. One on one which will be live on TV. Hiyo ya jana was a joke.

Godfrey Owiti Muchwat@djraswitty

Huyo ni kanze ama Pauline njoroge,???

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This is creepy! Who’s that crawling behind the curtains…er…flags live on TV? Hope it’s not Ole Itumbi…???

Mark Masai

kennedy CLACK’S@njiruken

Ghai is that you @KanzeDena hii mwaka iishe please ????

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Also largely talked about was NTV journalist Mark Maasai after he differed with President Uhuru Kenyatta on live television.

Maasai was part of a group of journalists invited to State House for talks with the head of state on the Big Four Agenda, corruption, building bridges initiative among other topics.

At one point the journo noted that the country’s debt levels have been soaring in the recent past. In fact he said, the national debt stands at Sh4.5 trillion shillings.

The President then asked Maasai about the Japanese government debt, a question to which he answered, “I’m not really concerned about Japan.”

Here is part of the exchange:

President: Do you know what the Kenyan debt is?

Masai: As I said right now its something between 4.5 to 4.8 trillion

President: No no no as a percentage of the GDP, talk like an economist

Masai: 56 per cent of GDP

President: What is Japan’s debt?

Masai: I’m not in japan so I’m not interested in Japan but Kenya

President: Japan’s debt is over 100 per cent of the GDP.

The journo’s response has illicited reactions online. Here are some of the comments from Kenyans

Corruption Tracker@TrackTheCorrupt

Uhuru uses Landcruisers from Japan. 98% of Kenyans Drive Japanese cars, Not sure what Kenya exports to Japan. telling Kenyans Japan and Kenya wako level moja?. Pombe sio supu. Also Mark Maasai wasn’t rude. We already lost sh6Trillion but you’ll rather defend the thief?

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Ohta Ryota@Ohta_Ryota

Uhuru telling Mark Maasai “think like an economist” was such a low point it made me cringe…..the attempt to also compare Japan debt service ratio to Kenya falls flat on the face of logic and common sense

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Ustad Junior@ustad_junior

Mark Maasai aside! Who is that crawling behind the curtains? Hii Kenya ina mambo lol!

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