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Diaspora valid dreams: From a seamstress in Kenya to a Doctor in America

Diaspora valid dreams: From a seamstress in Kenya to a Doctor in AmericaLUCY CHEGE: FROM A SEAMSTRESS IN A SMALL DUSTY TOWN IN GATUNDU SOUTH TO A DOCTOR IN AMERICA.

Many people always assume that success is a straightforward unrestricted path that smoothly leads all the way to the top but that is far from reality as the road to success, is often associated with obstacles and several stiff challenges.

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Those that have in a way succeeded in life have gone through several challenges and disappointments like born in poverty, poor health, business failure, sleeping hungry, job failures, school failure and all the failures you can think of but one thing that remains predominant is the fact that these individuals simply do not despair.
They may be down for a while or they may even go through a period of abstinence, poverty, hopelessness, frustrations and anything you can imagine of but somehow, inevitably they hit back and come forth from grass to grace stronger and more determined than ever before while ready to conquer.

They never give up but just keep on pushing with a lot of boldness to hope while refusing to let hopelessness to get into their path and interfere with their well laid out plans.

Dr Lucy Chege is such type of people and just like Jacob in the bible, she imagined the American dream was the Angel and with a lot of determination, she clung to him and never let go until she was certain that she plucked the feather that had nothing else but knowledge.

After plucking the feather, she was determined to discover the monster that is attacking healthy people and reducing them with time to helpless individuals while silently suffering and not getting the right treatment needed to make them vibrant once again.

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She was not looking for such people far away, for she began by just looking at herself in the mirror and saw the person she wanted to change first and give her the vibrant energy so that while helping others, they will look at her as an example.

Coupled with good education that she acquired at Maryville University (whose origin was founded in 1872 by the Religious of the Sacred Heart;) and combining it with her strong faith in God, she miraculously shed her weight through diet in a short period of time doing what she revealed to the writer in two words BODY DETOXIFICATION.

She combines her consultation with faith in divine healing being well aware that a good soul dwells in a healthy body and hence the food we eat should only be for the needed energy without adding anything more that will poison and affect our metabolism.

We cannot talk about it here as her journey is just beginning but after talking to a few she has already advised on the process of body detoxification, they just described her as a god sent Angel sent to spread the hidden natural cure to many ailments that affect humans.

We started her story with the end but the same started from the day she won the green card lottery as that was the breakthrough to her childhood ambition as she narrates in her autobiography for while growing up, she was all determined to one day to interact and live just like a Mzungu.

It came to pass for her neighbors in Cartersville where she grows organic foods and rears traditional chickens and goats not as pets, but for the needed body nutrients, are the very people as a young girl, she would imagine interacting with.



Dr Lucy came from a humble background and won the green card lottery when her faith to serve God was at the climax but America or no America, nothing was to change her faith.

She was determined that no one would shake her religious belief even while aware that she was headed to a country known for fashion but her attire which at many occasions would make heads to turn in amazement did not distract her for she knew what she was determined to achieve in life.

While studying at Mugoiri Girls, Lucy may not have been as vocal as others that studied there like Murang’a Woman Rep Sabina Chege, but the fact that she wore white blouses, dark brown skirts and light brown cardigans like all, made her to share just like many great Kenyans that studied there, the same strong message engraved in their school motto.

Yes,… Lucy knew that she would one day continue with the motto of her former School “You are the Light” not as a politician like Sabina Chege or a diplomat like Ambassador Emmah Murai and others but as an academician ….and equipped with that belief and a strong faith in God, she was determined to shine in the land she would envy after reading in Geography stories about the huge Mississippi river, ….AMERICA.

The common vernacular song she would sing at Mogoiri parade ground “Nii ni ngwenda Ngai umenyage ni ngenaga muno niwe”, was not yet over for she would continue to sing it in a land of opportunities and this time not far away from her childhood fantasy dreams companions “Wazungus”.

She had at first imagined that the shortcut to her dream was to apply to an institution that would enable her to interact with those she would envy as a child but she was wrong.

The interviewer at Utalii college then had no idea that his action to refuse admission to a young shy girl who could not touch alcohol to add taste to food, was divine intervention for God had other plans for Lucy.

Yes the mama wa riiko nickname that maybe would have been the case was not part of her mission in life for she would transform into something else later on in life.

A divine intervention many don’t see when they are rejected at an interview and as they leave the interview room while crying, but the living God is somewhere busy and still devising his intended mission for them.

Yes the dream finally came true for Lucy for it was not long thereafter that she won the green card Lottery.

When the day to depart from Kenya finally came in that year 2002, and all ready to board the aircraft together with her family,… destined to the land of opportunities, it was the turning point in her life that filled her with such an ineffable feeling which no appropriate words can describe.

Here is the incredible story of little known Dr, Lucy Chege and it’s not yet over as her journey into the secret world of discovering new natural body remedial cures has just began.

                                                      Diaspora valid dreams: From a seamstress in Kenya to a Doctor in America

DR Lucy after a hard days work 


  1. LUCY CHEGE (Doctor of Nursing Practice)

Born and raised in a town that is not in the Kenyan map (so she used to tell her children), it was easy to assume that her life would be just ordinary.

Dr. Lucy Chege, (then known as Lucy Wanjiru Kamau or Ciru) was born in Murang’a district, Makuyu division, Ithanga location, Kiathani-ini sublocation.

She attended Matiliku Primary school (St. Teresa) and later joined Mugoiri Girls high school. Her love for domestic science pushed her to desire admission in Utalii college, a dream she always told her close friends that she would like to live with wazungus one day.

After applying to the college and getting a chance for an interview, the interviewer, noticing her way of dressing asked her what she will do when told to use alcohol to prepare food.

The answer she gave was not very convincing and thus denied her the opportunity to pursue her dream. By then, time to register for any university had lapsed.

She had no one to pay for her college, leaving her no choice but to become a seamstress at Thika town straight from high school.

She tried several jobs, most of which did not work for her but eventually started her own sewing business in Gatundu south, Gachege (how she went there, only God knows).

When she graduated from high school, she was certain that her education was not over.

She always kept her books and moved with them everywhere she went in hopes that one day she would go back to school. Little did she know that high school books would not be useful in that other school whichever it was.

She met her loving husband Mr. Suleiman Chege Kamau (mkulima) and got married in 1998. Amazingly, she took her books with her never giving up her dream of further education despite getting married. Luckily, or with God’s blessing, they won the Green card lottery and relocated to the United States in 2002 thus fulfilling her dream that was denied by the Utalii college (living with Wazungus).

They are blessed with three children: James Chege 19 (Shorter University, soccer player), Linet Chege 17 (soccer player, Dual enrollment Georgia highlands college and Alfred Chege 15 (renowned musician/instrumentalist and soccer player.

Diaspora valid dreams: From a seamstress in Kenya to a Doctor in America

Their two cents advice on parenting:

Identify what your children love to do; support and encourage them.

Encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities.

You may end up with a college scholarship.

Teach them to eat healthy early before they grow up and you have bigger problems to take care of.

You might save them from becoming a chronic disease statistic.

Do not force your children to take on education majors out of their choice, you will regret it.

So many of our families are breaking as a result.

Our kids are committing suicide and or choosing unfavorable friendships just for lack of support at home.

We can fix this!

Upon arrival to the United States, many hesitated taking her to look for work as her faith was a hindrance, (or so they thought).

A woman in a long dress and a head covering was and still is rare to find in the States. She luckily found a sewing job, and another one where she got laid off and angrily decided to go back to school.

Her second long-time dream was to come true, here was her chance of furthering her education. Back in 2005, there were not many people to offer educational advice and so a journey that could have taken four years lasted her six because she went for an LPN diploma first.

Graduating with highest honors (4.0) in 2007, she immediately registered for her RN classes which she acquired in 2011 at Kennesaw State University in Georgia.

She has worked as an RN in the ICU, Medical floors, as a float nurse and Emergency RN in Cartersville Medical hospital, Wellstar health systems and Gordon Adventist hospital respectively.

What was so impressive to her was that she did not only live with the wazungus, she went to school with them, later became their nurse and now their doctor!

Her words of encouragement to anyone reading this;

  1. Never stop dreaming, no matter how crazy your dream may seem to you or to others. There’s only one who fulfills dreams, His name is Jehovah, learn to trust Him.
  2. Always keep your head high despite any negativity or challenges. Hard work is rewarded!
  3. Beware how you use your history. It can build you or break you, the choice is yours.
  4. It’s not where you come from, it’s who you are and who you want to become.
  5. You MUST see yourself (in your mind) as who you want to become before it actually happens, it’s called faith. If we can’t see IT in our minds (subconscious), we can’t behold it in our procession.

During her service as an RN, she noticed that chronic diseases control was becoming increasingly difficult.

More and more people were being diagnosed and getting stuck in this trap. She started wondering what the causes of chronic diseases might be and more so what she could do to save her patients.

You see, being in America, the land with the best technology, the best doctors, and the best education, something did not add up that we were not leading in health as well.

Discovering that our food is one of the major culprits in chronic diseases, she and her husband started growing their own food in a back-yard garden.

Diaspora valid dreams: From a seamstress in Kenya to a Doctor in America

Back yard Garden in Cartersville Georgia where Dr. Lucy grows organic greens and maize

Diaspora valid dreams: From a seamstress in Kenya to a Doctor in America

This is not Moses Kuria’s Farm in Gatundu South but Lucy’s farm in Cartersville Georgia-U.S.A.

Diaspora valid dreams: From a seamstress in Kenya to a Doctor in America

Natural Chicken that are set free in an enclosed yard


They supplied the surplus spinach, kale, collard greens, tomatoes, pumpkins, corn, chicken and eggs etc. to the Kenyan community, educating people on the importance of home-grown foods free from contamination, pesticides and nutrient depletion from prolonged transportation.

Her new desire drove her back to school, this time seriously determined to heal her patients. Early in her program at Maryville University, she started having questions that no one had answers to and this quest drove her to become a health researcher. Choosing to become the “guinea pig” of her research herself and doing everything she found to have healed people in the past, she completely transformed her own health and that of her close friends who chose to listen to her.

She graduated with a GPA of 4.0 in May of 2018 with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and practices as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She teaches cellular health information, detoxification, lifestyle modification and health transformation.

She is a public speaker in churches, men and women gatherings and her goal is to educate different people in different work settings on ways to prevent and reverse chronic diseases and to educate our young generation so that they will escape the chronic diseases “snare.”

Some encouragement on pursuing health:

  1. Make your reasons for pursuing health big enough. Understand what good health really means to you.
  2. You are solely responsible for your health, not your doctor or your spouse. Parents are responsible for their children’s health!
  3. Think twice about your food sources. You can turn your health around just by changing what you eat.
  4. Dare to thrive!



We will start by asking Brenda Cobb big question:

What are we really eating?

Why are cells of animals used in genetic engineering to alter our vegetables to make them last longer and look prettier?

Do we want produce that looks attractive or that’s better for our bodies?

 Insecticides are being sprayed on fruits and vegetables to kill the pests.

 What are these poisons doing to the insides of our bodies?

 Would you buy a poisonous chemical pesticide and turn up the bottle and drink it?

Well, think about it, when you eat food that has been treated with these chemicals, over time it’s just the same as if you had drunk that chemical straight.

 Chemical fertilizers are making our fruits bigger and bigger, or sweeter even but are chemical fertilizers good for us?

Is it natural to put chemicals in our bodies, and to eat “unreal” food?

That’s why we call the Standard American Diet, SAD!! It is more than just sad; it’s a crime against our bodies that we personally inflict on ourselves most everyday, every time we eat. We’re literally eating ourselves to death as we’re filling ourselves with chemicals, preservatives, colors, dyes, fertilizers, and who knows what else?


That is the exact message Dr Lucy is preaching to her many client that she has started advising to use natural ways to Detox the body in order to remove the many chemicals it has been feed with time.

There are many testimonials of the clients that she has started with for she want to share her knowledge she learned, to make the vulnerable Gods people to have a productive mind as its only when the body is healthy that a good soul can dwell in it.


Has eating healthy changed her body and soul?

Check the change she has undergone through and it is a clear testimony that her choice of diet is turning things around.

Days of praising a woman or a man with a big body are long gone and the way forward is to maintain a body without excess fats for the same, restrain proper flow of the blood to the heart to continue pumping supplies to all parts of the body.


Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

 Diaspora valid dreams: From a seamstress in Kenya to a Doctor in America

Wow what a transformation?

This is not a commercial to advertise powders that are on the market but for Dr. Lucy it’s just like the Chinese philosopher who said that people are rushed to hospitals to take chemicals while leaving behind the cures of their ailment at their back gardens.

The vehicle taking them to hospital at high speeds pass the cures while blowing dust on them.

Dr Lucy is a living testimony whose small dream of living in America finally came true but this time even determined to discover cures of strange ailments by simply exploring and finding then just within reach in her small garden of Aden located in Cartersville Georgia.

We at Kenyan Parents in USA and Diaspora News Media wish to congratulate Dr Lucy Chege and wish her success in the noble career of discovering natural cures that will save humankind and the same to continue without any obstacles.

Many are searching for the cures far away and in laboratories but your mission of searching the cures at reach and combining with faith to get divine intervention is the greatest gift of all.

May God guide Dr. Lucy and others in the same mission of saving many that are suffering while they stare at cures within their reach. AMEN!

Dr. Lucy Chege can be reached at email: Lc******@gm***.com


We fail because we do not try!


D.K. Gitau


Kenyan parents in USA

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