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Akorino model ‘Pesh’ apologizes after her bikini photos cause a stir

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Akorino model apologizes for posting bikini photos

Akorino Model only known as Pesh Kenya has been forced to apologise after posting photos of herself in a swim suit.

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Despite being in a full swimming body suit, a section of some Kenyans criticized her for being indecent.

“I would like to apologize to anyone who might have been offended by any images posted on my social media pages. I believe that people can express themselves in very many ways and still have their morals intact,” she said.

Pesh, who was dressed in a black knee-length swimming suit said that the photos she posted were innocent and not meant to cause any controversy.

“The images shared were innocent but the conversation that a raised from them DON’T match with what I stand for as a young Akorino lady. Thanks for your support and I wish you all a lovely week,” she added.

The Akorino, a religious group among the Agikuyu tribe, have a conservative way of dressing and Unique way of worshiping.

It is for this reason that most Kenyans did not agree with the move Pesh made to post the pictures of her self in a swim suit.

However, there’s a section on Kenyans on Twitter who responded to her telling her that she did not need to apologise citing that the photos did not portray her as immoral.

By Fay Ngina


Source The Standard Newspaper

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  1. Joseph ndego says

    I can’t see any mistake in those images. Well if she got the talent let her work on it…..even you pple who got the talent nobody asked you y yu are doing what yu are so leave her alone I HIGHLY SUPPORT YOU….

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