Being a role model calls for great sacrifice says Psychologists

Being a role model calls for great sacrifice says Psychologists

Do you qualify to be called a role model?:Psychologists tell us our thinking and actions are different at each stage of our lives.

For instance, a wild school leaver’s adrenaline boils to an extent he wholeheartedly embraces night life while a 50-year old would extremely be bored in the same situation While it is understandable that the youth will go through certain challenges as they adjust to adulthood, it is unforgivable for those who have come of age  to still behave like the youth.

In the African society, once people get married and get children, they qualified to be called elders. In the olden days, the elders would sit in a council and be consulted on a variety of issues because it was known they had attained a certain level of maturity.

Hence, if you have been around long enough and taken stock of your life, do you qualify to be called a role model?

Do the young look up to you as a person who can guide them? Do they speak highly of you?

In our various religions, we do have role models. Religious leaders are ever focused on leading unblemished lives because they know the congregation is watching.

Paul, that powerful, accomplished and zealous follower of Christ and preacher of the gospel affirms that you cannot lead the flock when you yourself are stumbling. That is why in one scripture he says, “imitate me as I imitate Christ.”

Children who come from dysfunctional homes never mention their parents as role models. That is sad.

I believe a child’s first role model must be the parent. So, if you desire to be a positive influence on our youth, you need to have the following:

Passion — If you have passion, you will infect those around you with it and inspire them as well.

Values — You must act in accordance with your values. For instance, if you value truth and integrity, you will find it very difficult to lie.

Commitment to society — You cannot influence anyone if you are a selfish loner. Role models will actively participate in community enriching ventures, freely giving of their time, talents and money.

Devoid of being judgmental — You will always strive to understand others and what makes them behave the way they do.

Stoicism — You are able to overcome any obstacle. You will not break down in the middle of a great storm, though you may experience great sadness.

This is not to say role models do not commit sin. They do every day only that they have learned to recognise sin and make amends, then continue on that positive path to influence others.

We need as many of us who have lived for a while to be strong in our morals for the sake of future generations.

It is not easy and calls for great sacrifice but if we want our generations to stand to posterity, we must strive to be good role models.

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