VIDEO: South African pastor Alph Lukau ‘resurrects’ dead man


Our very own Prophet David Owour was in the headlines recently after claims that he had resurrected one of the worshippers, Mama Rosa, who died for real a fortnight ago.

While the alleged miracle happened in the privacy of their church, one pastor Alph Lukau had no problem performing the miracle of resurrection in the full glare of the cameras on Sunday.

The popular South African pastor is described by his followers as a man of God that as the ability to heal any kind of illness is reportedly the richest pastor in the world.

Lukau views Elliot’s body.

In a video uploaded yesterday, the controversial pastor is seen walking to a hearse and opening the casket that had the body of the young man named Elliot.

According to Elliot’s brother, the body had come from the mortuary where it had been since Friday. During the “miracle”, the family alleged they had wanted to take the corpse to Zimbabwe. A woman shouted that they’d noticed the man beginning to move at the funeral parlour.

According to the deceased’s supposed landlord, the man had previously gotten sick and started “coughing a lot” on Friday.

Lukau views Elliot’s body.

Lukau then places his hands on the body before the open casket is placed on a table for a better view. By this time, the man is gasping for air but still lying down waiting for the brother and his landlady to tell his story.

After moving his hands up and down the body, Elliot ‘resurrects’ to the joy of the crowd. The landlady seems to be the most affected since she could not stop crying. Elliot is helped up and out of the coffin probably because the embalming fluid might have taken a toll on his mobility. Minutes after Elliot is resurrected, he is still not able to close his mouth, which had been open for the entire performance.

Elliot is finally helped into the church where by now, the empty coffin has been set up as the backdrop of the service, just in case you forgot that the man of God had resurrected a human being. To their credit, Elliot still manages to look sick and deathly even when paraded in front of the church.

Elliot is ‘resurrected!’

However the funeral home mentioned in the video has distanced itself from the stunt. Kings and Queens Funeral Services, whose hearse was in the video, denied having been in possession of the body at any point.

“We did not supply the coffin neither did we store the deceased at our mortuary nor no paperwork was processed by Kings and Queens Funerals. As a funeral services provider we do not offer services without documentation, neither do we repatriate bodies without any paperwork,” they posted on their Facebook Page.

Source The Standard Newspaper

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