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African Culture-fest 2019 in Alabama: A tribute To The Community

African Culture-fest 2019 in Alabama: A tribute To The Community
African Culture-fest 2019 in Alabama: A tribute To The CommunityThe African Culture-fest is an annual event that for the past nine years, with the exception of a
few years, has been held here in Birmingham, AL, in the summer.

The event features dance, drama, poetry and fashion show. This year, after a two years hiatus, the event was back with a bang. On Saturday, July 13 th 2019 at Laborers in Christ church, the community was treated to a colorful, and beautiful afternoon of performances, ranging from group presentations to solo performances.

After a rousing rendition of the national anthems, Kenyan Swahili version and the
US anthem, it was time to go. Karia’s bible study and basketball group took us back in time to
the struggles of apartheid in South Africa, all through independence to President Nelson
Mandela’s time.

Their moving skit was performed to the background music of the popular song
Shosholoza. Group performances by Jumuiya kids and Divine divas would leave the audience
calling for more. And the solo presentations would elicit standing ovations. The magical
afternoon was brought to a close by the fashion show which had a record entry this year. There
were prizes to be won in the fashion show, the age categories went from two years and up, and
the audience was treated to a beautiful spectacle. Also, in attendance was Miss Kenya USA First
Princess and Birmingham, AL resident Hellen Kamau who shared her experience, inspiration
and advise to the young with the attendees.

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The event is made possible by sponsorship from our business people and individuals. This
year, the event was sponsored by Peter Gioko Taxes, Yummy Samosas (Irene Njihia), BEAM
LLC DBA Ben Muthee (transport), Unique Stitches Embroidery & Designs (African apparel,
Embroidery and custom T-shirts – Carol), Goshen (promote Kenyan tourism – click link to watch
some of their wildlife videos:  and BLAQK Empire from
Atlanta (design and sell trendy Kenyan/African themed apparel). We are very grateful for their
sponsorship, without which we would be unable to hold such an event. Please, let us continue to
patronize and support our businesses. Time and again, we have seen them giving back to the
community. A big thank you to the organizing committee who spend months and countless hours planning the event, all the groups and individuals for sharing their talents with us, our brothers and sisters from Tanzania & Uganda for partnering with us, our hosts Laborers in Christ church, and the best Kenyan community you’ll ever find anywhere, the Birmingham, AL community.

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You are the GREATEST.

Kiongo Muigai,
For the Organizing Committee.
Birmingham, AL.


African Culture-fest 2019 in Alabama: A tribute To The Community

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