Those responsible for Tob’s death are here in sheep’s skin-Sarah Wairimu


Those responsible for Tob’s death are here in sheep’s skin-Sarah Wairimu: These are the words of Sarah Wairimu, a woman suspected of killing her billionaire husband and having his body dumped in a septic tank at their home.She added, “Even as we stand here, many of those responsible for Tob’s death [are] here in sheep’s skin.”Wairimu criticised family members whom she accused of not being truthful.

She is accused of murdering her husband and is due for psychiatric assessment before she pleads to the charge on September 26.Wairimu was arrested on August 29 after the police picked and interrogated her for the third time over the disappearance of Cohen on July 19, 2019, from their Lower Kabete home.She spoke at Cohen’s funeral at the Jewish Cemetery in Nairobi, where she had been allowed by the court to attend the interment.

High Court judge Stellah Mutuku ordered that she be escorted to the Jewish cemetery to attend the burial.Part of the order seen by Standard Digital reads: “This court is pleased to issue a production order to the OC Lang’ata Women’s Prison, to produce and escort the applicant to Jewish cemetery to attend the funeral of the late Tob Cohen.”

Both Wairimu’s and Cohen’s family lawyers agreed that the burial of the businessman is conducted in accordance with the Jewish rights.The burial was postponed to Tuesday as there weren’t enough Jewish adults to constitute a quorum for the interment.A huge turnout was reported at Cohen’s interment, as local residents showed up to witness the final journey of a man they never knew, and only heard of about a month ago.While some of the Jewish men who performed the rite were in black coats, the majority were in casual shirts and jeans. Head bowed, they listened as Cohen was laid to rest. Wairimu, in a black flowered blouse, folded her arms in front of her chest, watching with a sad face, her husband’s casket being lowered six feet under, and she stood accused of his murder.Next to her, in dark glasses, was her lawyer Philip Murgor, perhaps the only man who believes her side of the story.Close to them were officers, a stark reminder that Wairimu is still a murder suspect.The mood was sombre, the Jews remained calm, with chatter characterised by weak smiles.

By Jael Mboga


Source The Standard Newspaper

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  1. Ndungu (@Ndungu63294034) says

    We may accuse wairimu but the real murders may be others who are professionals,, t hey put all things correctly to point at you

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