Sarah Cohen trying to interfere with husband’s murder case-Kinoti


Sarah Cohen trying to interfere with husband’s murder case-KinotiSarah Cohen trying to interfere with husband’s murder case-Kinoti: Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti has dismissed the contempt of court application filed against him by Sarah Wairimu, the widow of murdered businessman Tob Cohen.

Sarah Wairimu claims the DCI disobeyed court orders issued on September 16, 2019 barring him and the prosecution from addressing the media on the investigations and evidence in the murder of the Dutch tycoon.

Through lawyer Phillip Murgor, Sarah argued that DCI Kinoti disregarded the court orders by inferring her guilt.

In his response to the court application, the DCI says Wairimu and her lawyer Phillip Murgor are engaging in a calculated move to control the investigations and the trial process.

“The application is a deliberate and contrived scheme by the applicant and her lawyer to prematurely argue her innocence,” says Kinoti.

He further says that the application is an attempt at undermining the prosecution and investigation agencies in the material trial.

“The application is blatant abuse of advocate/client privilege with the advocate using the application to channel his long standing angst and malevolence against the DPP and DCI,” says Kinoti.

The DCI asked the court to take judicial notice that Sarah Wairimu and her lawyer Phillip Murgor have since before and after the arrest been on every media and forum in Kenya including YouTube, giving an alternative narrative of the material circumstances of the case.

“If anyone is in contempt of the court it is the duo,” adds Kinoti.

He further says that the court has no jurisdiction to hear the application as no consent of the DPP was sought nor granted to institute criminal contempt proceedings.

The DCI maintains that he is entitled in law to issue public statements in respect of the investigations and subsequent charges of any crime as provided by law and constitution provided.

“It is the duty of Law Enforcers Worldwide to provide full in formation where crime has been committed, ”reads the responses.

Meanwhile, the High Court will this Friday rule on whether the second accused person in the case Peter Karanja will be granted bail or not.

The prosecution has objected to the application saying that if released on bail, the accused will interfere with witnesses lined up in the case.

By Dzuya Walter

Source citizentv

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