Husband of coach Christina Mauser killed in Kobe crash ‘had gut feeling’

Husband of coach Christina Mauser killed in Kobe crash ‘had gut feeling’

The devastated husband of a basketball coach killed in the Kobe Bryant crash has admitted he didn’t like his wife flying in the helicopter.

Matt Mauser said he ‘had a feeling in his gut’ and ‘always felt nervous’ when wife Christina travelled in the chopper.

Speaking to ABC News he said: “I can’t lie – and I was always – I would always get nervous when she’d get on that helicopter. I would always get nervous. Just something in my heart – my gut -just said…I don’t feel right – it just didn’t feel…I didn’t like it.”

Mum-of-three Christina, 38, worked as a coach in Bryant’s basketball academy – and was travelling with the Lakers star when the helicopter crashed into Calabasas mountains.

Her husband Matt has spoken about his family’s heartbreak at losing his “beautiful” wife and mother of his three young children.

Talking to the TODAY show, he said: “I’ve got three small kids, and I’m trying to figure out how to navigate life with three kids and no mom.

The grieving husband noted that while he avoided watching television with his three children on Sunday, they did briefly turn on ESPN’s SportsCenter, which prompted a heart-wrenching confession from his daughter.

Through tears, Matt added: “Everything was about how much everybody was mourning and hurting, and she said it was nice to know everybody was hurting along with us.

And I know that sounds odd but it did kind of help.”

Matt admitted he was “scared about the future” before paying tribute to his wife who was chosen by Kobe to coach children at his basketball academy.

He added: “She was extremely witty, funny like nobody you had ever met. She was warm, she was incredibly bright and technologically incredibly savvy.

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