Covid-19 Curfew Criminals: Surge in crime rate in Kenya

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Covid-19 Curfew Criminals: Surge in crime rate in Kenya

Covid-19 Curfew Criminals: Surge in crime rate in Kenya
Kisumu residents frogmarch Charles Odhiambo (centre) to Kondele Police Station on April 4, 2020. Mr Odhiambo is part of a three-man gang that terrorised residents during curfew hours. PHOTO | JUSTUS OCHIENG | NATIO MEDIA GROUP

As the country battles the coronavirus epidemic, the security personnel are having their hands full as they help to enforce the safety measures, on top of their normal duties.

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It is, of course, not easy, as additional controls are being introduced. This is a job that will take a lot of their time and sap their energy, but it must be done.

However, with the brutality on the opening day of the dusk-to-dawn curfew that has been well documented, not many people will appreciate the extra efforts the police are making to secure their lives and property.

The restrictions on movement in and out of the counties marked as hotspots, will put even more pressure on the security forces.

On top of their curfew duties, the police must also tackle the devious characters and other miscreants who often take advantage of such situations.

Muggers, robbers and other vermin know quite well that the security personnel are stretched and will, of course, seek to exploit the situation.


It is hardly surprising, therefore, that there has been a surge in the crime rate. Dozens of shops have been broken into in some towns and goods carted away.

With the businesses that normally operate 24 hours now under lock and key, robbers in the towns and even the rural areas are having a field day, as they know that the owners will be holed up in their houses in compliance with the curfew and there will be no witnesses.

Also in the past two weeks, there has been a dramatic shift in criminal activity. The National Council on the Administration of Justice has documented an increase in rape and defilement cases.

While there are some rotten eggs among the security personnel, the majority do a good job under difficult circumstances and should be appreciated and applauded for their good deeds.

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