Kenyan Diaspora: Prof Jerono Rotich appointed to a UNESCO commission


Kenyan Diaspora: Prof Jerono Rotich appointed to a UNESCO commission

Kenyan Diaspora: Prof Jerono Rotich appointed to a UNESCO commissionKenya Diaspora  Professor, Jerono Rotich  Appointment to serve on the Commission of Research & Publication of  ICTSG, established at the 2018  UNESCO  Collective Consultation on TSG.

The International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG) is the international platform for the preservation, promotion and development of traditional sport and games (TSG) at the global level. The aim of the ICTSG is, inter alia, to help all concerned and interested governmental and nongovernmental national, regional and international organizations in the harmonization and coordination of efforts and capacity in view of providing guidance, counselling; and to sustain 17 initiatives and programmes that pertain to TSG for policy-makers, stakeholders and concerned parties. According  the breakings news by the organization (,  the Executive Board of ICTSG on 2nd June 2020, constituted a Commission of Research and Publication of TSG which is composed of the following Members:

  1. Mohammad Shahid Islam Chairman (Asia – Pakistan)
  2. Kenneth, Tebogo Middleton Member (Africa – Botswana)
  3. Professor Dr. Jerono P. Rotich Member (USA)
  4. Professor Dr. Zinaida Kuznetsova Member (Europe – Republic of Tatarstan)
  5. Associate Prof. Dr. Tatyana Fendel Member (Europe – Russia)

The responsibilities and functions of the Commission shall be to:


  1. Formulate proposals and recommendations on Traditional sports and games contribute to the world heritage of sport culture. Research, preservation and promotion of traditional sports and games must be at the centre of a global policy on culture and sport;
  2. Coordinate and establish effective communication with affiliated Units of ICTSG who

are likely to be prospective host for organizing the World Games and Continental Games;

  1. Undertake studies and researches collection of information and the dissemination of research, analysis, publication, data, scientific works, relevant documents and findings related to the improvement of TSG;
  2. in lieu of the approved statutes of ICTSG, establish an Encyclopaedia of Traditional Sports and Games at the local, national, regional, and international levels. All efforts must be made to attain this objective;
  3. Take measures to ensure that research into traditional sports and games and their

contribution to the knowledge of the various cultures and mankind is intensified,

broadened out and supported by governmental and non-governmental organizations;

  1. Draw up a list / encyclopaedia on the World Heritage of Sports Culture compiling

traditional sports and games that meet the criteria highlighted by ICTSG

  1. Undertake any other matter referred to the Commission by the President – ICTSG


Members of the Commission among other responsibilities shall cooperate closely with the organizers of the World Traditional Sports and Games as well as Continental Games and endeavour to organize their major conferences occurring within its framework.


The Commission shall commence its work with immediate effect and act in accordance.

with the ICTSG Statutes at all times.


Prof. Jerono P. Rotich, Ph.D is a professor and department Chair of Kinesiology and Recreation Administration, at North Carolina Central University. She is also the President of KESSA ( Kenya Scholars and Studies Association) and Founder of KESID ( Kenya Students in Diaspora).

Professor, Jerono Rotich

Kenyan Diaspora: Prof Jerono Rotich appointed to a UNESCO commission

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