VIDEO: The Untold Story Of Betty Bayo and Pastor Kanyari


VIDEO: The Untold Story Of Betty Bayo and Pastor Kanyari

With what it seems to be war of words between former lovers and now separated Gospel Musician Betty Bayo and Pastor Victor Kanyari, hardly a day goes by before you hear something negative from one of them towards the other. Betty Bayo seems to be doing more of the talking and just recently, Pastor Kanyari had asked her to leave him alone and move on with her life.

Well, Betty did not take pastor Kanyari’s advice well and she decided to tell it all in a you-tube interview above titled ” The untold story of my past and everyone involved“. In her own words, she said “Were it not for the grace of God I would have died of depression or suicide ,I will stand up speak for every voiceless man or woman,I love my past it’s has made me a better person who is not moved or hurt easily ,am not the first person to give testimony people give testimonies daily , soon I will shot a movie of my past and also write a book , my enemies wanted to attend my funeral they are now watching my testimony . am sure the testimony will save a life”

For Pastor Kanyari,has learnt that silence is gold but with Betty’s too much talking This war of words seems far from over and we can only pray that God will give them wisdom to let bygone, bygones and move on with life.

Isaac Kariuki: Diaspora Messenger

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