Did Esther Arunga ask Kenyans for forgiveness as she plans a return home?


Did Esther Arunga ask Kenyans for forgiveness as she plans a return home?

Did Esther Arunga ask Kenyans for forgiveness as she plans a return home?In a tweet that has received more than 321 retweets, 110 quote tweets and 1500 likes, a fake account (@EstherArunga_) impersonating former TV personality tweeted Esther Arunga tweeted asking Kenya for forgiveness as she plans to come home.

“Kenyans, forgive me. My parole is over & it’s time to come back home. I have suffered enough. No one should ever be ashamed of starting afresh. To everyone who wronged me, I forgive you all. Kindly accept me back,” tweeted the account with 35,800 followers.

The tweet immediately received replies from many people even approved accounts who showed their sympathetic side in writing.

However, investigations by Standard Fact Check have revealed that the account does not belong to the former Barrister and journalist. The Account was created in January 2020 and has impersonated other different personalities like radio presenter Jalang’o. The account has also been posting haphazard content that shows all the signs of a pseudo account riding on the names of celebrities.

There also exists another account with the handle @EstherArunga which was created in August 2009 around the same time Arunga joined the Finger of God church and months before she met her later husband to be Quincy Timberlake.

However, it has not been ascertained whether that is Arunga’s real account due to the fact that all tweets are locked.
When her star shown bright, Easter Arunga was the face of TV excellence and promise. She worked as an announcer and journalist at Capital FM and later for KTN. The Presenter would also scoop the 2008 CHAT awards for best Teen TV.

Arunga’s fate would take a different twist in 2009 when she fell out with her parents and joined the Finger of God Church started by her cousin Joseph Hellon.

It was there in 2010 that she would meet the charming Quincy Timberlake who would for a long time sweep her off her feet, make their lives a household discussion and later bring her life to its knees.
In February 2010, with a church publicly shrouded as a cult and investigations being carried out by the police, Hellon, Quincy and Arunga would form the PlaCenta Party (Platinum Centralizer and Unionist Party) where Hellon would vie as president and Arunga as his deputy.

It was on that day that Arunga would resign from her job as an anchor at KTN. On the same night, the law pounded on them together with others associated with the church was had now come to be seen as a cult even though it had been running for five years. They were arrested and charged with running an unregistered association.
After her release on March 3, 2010, Arunga would get married to Quincy who was still in custody.

Later on, the former Journalist would leave Kenya for a fresh start in Australia with her husband. Two years later, she would be an Australian citizen and a barrister at the New South Wales Supreme Court. She would also express her interest in accepting an offer to co-host a feature show with Al Jazeera.

It’s in 2014, the couple’s first-born child died after what was first termed an accident but would later come to be revealed as murder by her husband Quincy Timberlake.

Arunga would later testify that she went into the bathroom to find her husband driving blows into her son’s stomach saying “there is a devil in his stomach”.

False testimonies by Arunga over what transpired during the time of the death of the child led to her being convicted for her conduct in misleading the police and released on parole in a short while.

It is still unclear whether Quincy was convicted in jail for murder or was admitted to a mental asylum.




Did Esther Arunga ask Kenyans for forgiveness as she plans a return home?

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