Kamene Goro got married at 23 then husband Dumped her over the phone

Kamene Goro got married at 23 then husband Dumped her over the phone

Kamene Goro got married at 23 then husband Dumped her over the phone
Kamene Goro with MC Jessy

(VIDEO) Kiss 100 Presenter Kamene Goro has disclosed that she quit her job at Ebru TV back in 2014 and moved to Tanzania to get married to the man of her dreams.

In an interview on Jessy Junction, Kamene revealed that she tendered in a two-day notice in her resignation letter in readiness to start marriage life in Tanzania.

I got married immediately after I finished my Law degree in 2014. My TV career had just started to pick and I met the then love of my life and he lived in another Country, akaniambia come I want you to be with me. I remember I gave my employer a two days notice…I went wrote the letter and drop it on my boss’s desk. I think it was on a Tuesday, I had just comeback from Zanzibar, did bulletin ya 1PM and wrote the letter and told guys Thursday ndo siku yangu ya mwsisho msinisumbue, and I left.

Then I settled in Tanzania and became a wife, I was about 23/24. I knew it was a person I wanted to be with. It was someone I had been with for some time… I tell people the story about my EX… but he was actually a really great guy.

I have left my career and you know how passionate about my work and what I do. By the time I left my job to be with him …I knew I wanted to be with him and I was happy to be his wife,” said Kamene Goro.

Dumped over the phone

Ms Goro went on to state that her parents did not like her man at the time they were formalizing their affair.

“When it was time to formalize things he had to come and meet my parents of which they did not like him,” said Ms Goro.

The media personality further stated that her then husband dumped her over the phone at a time she was visiting her family in Nairobi.

“I always say up until now, I don’t really know what happened, I look back and it was a really tough relationship towards the end of it. Because I was angry of the things he had done during our courtship and our marriage. He slept out a lot…I didn’t understand that I left my job, family and all the dream I had to be his wife and then unanifanyia hivi.

So we were just talking on Phone and somewhere in the middle of the conversation he just told me we can’t be together anymore …and that’s how it ended and I remember all I asked him was are you sure? And he said things are better this way… nikakata simu na that was the last time I spoke to him until today. After that I had my lawyers who handled the rest and my things were sent in from Tanzania na life ikaendelea,” said Kamene.

Normalize Heartbreaks

Goro added that people should normalize heartbreaks and failure to make it easy for people to pick themselves up and move on.

“I thought he was my everything but looking back now I was the everything. You know at the end of the day all you need to survive in this world is you and what it’s that God vested in you. I wish we could normalize heartbreak, I wish we could normalize failure, that way it could be so much easier for us to propel ourselves. Because there is so much stigma around failure, heartbreaks, around the fact that this marriage did not work so you don’t know that it is beyond that, you just got up in the fact that I failed. If we knew that failure happens everyday and on the other side of failure is success how much further will many of us be,” noted Ms Goro.




Kamene Goro got married at 23 then husband Dumped her over the phone

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