Kamene Goro Slams Jalang’o Over Female Stereotype


Kamene Goro Slams Jalang’o Over Female Stereotype

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro has slammed her soon to be co-host Jalang’o over remarks he made during a meeting on Wednesday, July 8.

During her show on Friday, July 10, she revealed what transpired at the meeting.

“I want to let you know about a weird conversation I had the other day. It wasn’t weird but it got me thinking, maybe I am a little detached from some of the women’s struggles in the Kenyan society,” she started the story.

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro pictured in the studio.

The meeting had been scheduled for them to get to know each other better and form a bond but Jalang’o asked her a loaded question.

The comedian asked Kamene, one of the most popular radio presenters in Kenya, how old she was, to which she replied that she was 28.

Jalang’o criticised her for being single and childless at 28 years old, a statement which irked her.

“He was a bit shocked to find out that I have no pressure for any of it,” Kamene narrated.

She started recalling conversations with her parents and stated that none of them had ever asked her such a question.

The radio presenter explained that her parents were more concerned with her career and education.

The two are expected to team up on Monday, July 13 on their first show together.

Jalang’o is nostalgic about returning to Kiss FM which gave him his first opportunity on radio.

The comedian joined Kiss FM by outsmarting his competition as well as the recruiters.

In the first stage of recruitment, the job seekers were asked to divide themselves into two groups. Those who had graduated and those who hadn’t.

Jalang’o joined the group which had degrees, despite him not having one. The group which had degree holders was divided again as those without degrees were sent home.

The graduates were divided according to their areas of study, with those having media or related education being given preference. The rest were asked to go home.

Jalang’o put himself in the group which had done media-related courses even though he hadn’t.

When the recruiters were left with a handful of candidates, they asked for academic certificates. The comedian was forced to admit that he didn’t have any but tried to convince the panel that he was the best choice.

The CEO was impressed by Jalang’o’s confidence and decided to give him a chance which the presenter used to convince the station to hire him.



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