Donate to Help Baby Neillah Stay Alive, She Needs a Ventilator to Breath


Donate to Help Baby Neillah Stay Alive, She Needs a Ventilator to Breath

Donate to Help Baby Neillah Stay Alive, She Needs a Ventilator to has launched a charity initiative ‘Help Baby Neillah’, a project aimed at
extending life of a child who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a genetic
condition caused by loss of nerve cells and motor neurons responsible for controlling
muscle movement.
Three-year-old Neillah’s family was told by doctors she had less than two years to live ,
but because of your unwavering support, Baby Neillah is still here.

What Baby Neillah needs
We are collecting KSh 3 million to pay for a ventilator, solar panel for backup, medicines
and to clear hospital bills.
Her family was seeking to have her placed on a ventilator in a bid to extend her life
span. They had hoped a miracle would come along and cure their child.
Ruth, Neillah’s mother, knows that placing her child on the ventilator means she will
spend the rest of her life inside it as it’s the only way to keep her alive.

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How to donate
You can find more information on TUKO Drive website:
To donate to baby Neillah through M-Changa visit Neillah Mirera Medical Appeal.
Her family also has a Paybill (8021855); Account name – Neillah Medical Fund.

Challenges facing Baby Neillah’s family
Neillah’s health issues have been complicated by the fact she is past two years, and
even the world’s most expensive dose given to children with SMA might not work for her

But Ruth lives with the hope that her child will fight on. The mother made it clear she will
never give up on her baby.
“If that’s the only option I have to just see her every day then let it be so. Look at her, she
is struggling but she is smiling,” Ruth told in a recent interview.
On Saturday, April 17, Neillah was admitted with severe pneumonia at Getrudes
Her doctor was concerned with how she was struggling to breathe and said she would
get tired, hence the need for her to be in hospital to manage her condition.
The family knew with her underlying condition they needed to act fast or the child will
stay long in hospital, and for that they contacted the person who would sell them a
ventilator and agreed to pay the seller later.

More about TUKO Drive is a member of the UN SDG Media Compact and was voted as the Best
digital news platform in 2019. We strive to touch and change lives through stories
published on our platform.
It’s from our initiative to help the less fortunate in society that TUKO Drive was born.
This is a relief project that was started together with fans from the
diaspora in 2020.
The drive has also helped feed needy families that were hardest hit by the impact of the
COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
To learn more about charity drive initiative visit here.

You can contact us via email [email protected]

Donate to Help Baby Neillah Stay Alive, She Needs a Ventilator to Breath

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