Rich people: DP Ruto net worth 2021-houses, choppers, source of wealth


Rich People: DP Ruto Net Worth 2021-houses, choppers, source of wealth

Rich People: DP Ruto Net Worth 2021-houses, choppers, source of wealthWilliam Samoei Ruto (WSR) or now known as “Hustler” is a top Kenyan politician who has been the Deputy President of Kenya since 2013. Below is William Ruto updated Net worth in 2021 of  houses, choppers, cars and other source of wealth.

Born on December 21st 1966, Ruto is currently 53 years old and is one of the wealthiest people in the country. He owns more than 20 companies in the country that generate billions every year.

DP Ruto is one of the most hardworking politicians in the country. In fact, he was a “njugu” (Groundnuts) hawkers and a hustler before he made it to become a top politician. Wait..did you just write njungu hawker and William Ruto in the same sentence? Yes, you read it right. Let’s jump straight into the content.

William Ruto net worth

William Ruto is estimated to be worth Ksh. Thirty billion as of 2021. This is just an estimate from some reliable sources.

In February 2019, DP Ruto declined to reveal his net worth in an interview with BBC’s Sackur.

“When you did the sums, and you categorised all of your assets, how much were you worth?” Sackur asked.

“That information is available in the public domain,” Ruto replied.

Sackur then told him to tell the world how much he was worth; this is what he said.

“You should have done some research before you came,” Ruto answered.

Sackur insisted on being told the actual figure since the information was in the public domain and was no longer a secret.

“It is in the public domain. I encourage you to Google and find out what William Ruto owns,” Ruto said.

“Will you or will you not tell me, given that you have been completely open and public with it and every Kenyan knows this figure, according to you. Share it with me,” Sackur fired back.

“I encourage you, Sackur, to go to the website on Parliament and get that information,” He replied.

It was clear that DP Ruto didn’t want to disclose his net worth.

William Ruto source of wealth

William Ruto net worth can be justified from the assets, and investments he owns. Below is a breakdown all the companies and assets he owns.


  1. 680 Hotel (Sixeighty Hotel) – The hotel located in Nairobi is estimated to be worth 3 Billion.
  2. Uasin Gishu Residence – worth Ksh. 1.2 Billion.
  3. Oseng Properties Limited – estimated to be worth Ksh. 1Billion.
  4. Weston Hotel – worth over Ksh. 2.5 Billion.
  5. Residential Property in Jogoo road estimated to be worth Ksh. 1.5 Billion.
  6. Orterter Enterprises Limited – worth Ksh. 2.5 Billion.
  7. Osere flats in Rongai – Worth Ksh. 500 Million.
  8. Major Amaco Insurance shareholder – Ksh. 1 Billion.
  9. Poultry Business at Turbo home estimated to be worth Ksh. 750 Million.
  10. Karen Home – worth 0.5 billion
  11. A helicopter – worth Ksh 300 million
  12. K24 TV station which he recently acquired from the Kenyatta’s

By Henry Wambua



Rich People: DP Ruto Net Worth 2021-houses, choppers, source of wealth

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