Video Of Daniel Arap Moi Riding on a Lorry After His Convoy Got Stuck

Video Of Daniel Arap Moi Riding on a Lorry After His Convoy Got Stuck
Video Of Daniel Arap Moi Riding on a Lorry After His Convoy Got Stuck

Kenya’s second President, Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, was famed for his friendly yet flamboyant lifestyle that was reflected by his presidential convoy and sharp dressing.

Moi – who ruled the country for 24 years under the Kenya African National Union (KANU) party – more often than not, used the presidential limousine and occasionally went on a meet-the-people tour, waving to onlookers.

In 1997, the Head of State, who was seeking re-election in his last term in office, was not a lucky man and was forced to board a tipper after his motorcade got stuck in then Ntonyiri constituency, now Igembe North, Meru County.

n a video posted by the Office of The Presidential Library, Museum, and Exhibition on Friday, March 25, it was revealed that Moi’s chopper was forced to make an impromptu landing following heavy rain that was being experienced in the area.

Due to the unpassable roads, the presidential convoy got stuck, forcing the former Head of State to aboard a lorry to get to his destination and attend the event in which he was the Chief Guest.

“President Daniel Arap Moi and his entourage hitch a ride with a tipper lorry after heavy rains forced his chopper to land kilometers away from where his official convoy was also marooned by the bad weather in Ntonyiri, Meru, in November 1997,” stated the Presidential Library.

YouTube video

As the President was being helped to board the tipper by his aide-de-camp, the crowd surrounded the lorry even as they marveled at the rare occurrence.

Moi sat on the front seat with the driver even as his aide and security detail hoped to the open space in the back of the lorry.

The former President later changed vehicles to a van that had the presidential emblem but it also struggled to maneuver the muddy terrain.

The team accompanying the late Moi helped push the van that was rushing the President to the function.

Upon the video being uploaded, Kenyans shared their memories of the late Moi, remembering some of his memorable moments.

“I tell you memories are made of this. What! Kenya has indeed come from far. I don’t know why but I really admire former President Moi, he was a real African statesman,” Juma Max, a Twitter user, shared.



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Video Of Daniel Arap Moi Riding on a Lorry After His Convoy Got Stuck

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