Racism: 5-Yr-Old Logan Mwangi Murdered by Mom & Step Dad in UK

Racism: 5-Yr-Old Logan Mwangi Murdered by Mom & Step Dad in UK
Racism: 5-Yr-Old Logan Mwangi Murdered by Mom & Step Dad in UK

A United Kingdom (UK) court has found a mother and her husband guilty of murdering their son, Logan Mwangi, whose body was found in a river in July 2021.

While delivering her verdict on Thursday, April 21, Judge Justice Jefford of Cardiff Crown Court stated that the prosecution had provided sufficient evidence to prove their case against Angharad Williamson (mother) and John Cole (Step father).

According to a postmortem report presented before the court, it was revealed that Mwangi suffered serious injuries before his demise.

“So extreme you would expect to find them as a result of a fall from a great height or a high-velocity road traffic accident,” read the pathologist’s report.

At the center of the murder case were allegations of racism and child abuse.

Witnesses told the court that Cole was displeased with the five-year-old as he resembled his father, Benjamin Mwangi, a Kenyan living in the UK.

“He had been kept as a prisoner in his small bedroom, a room described by Angharad Williamson as a dungeon, with the curtains closed and a barred child’s gate stopping him from moving about the rest of the flat.

“Behind the smile, he endured a harsh environment and was not treated with love. In the 10 days before he was discovered, he was being kept as a prisoner in his small bedroom,” Caroline Rees, the prosecutor stated.

While testifying before the inquiry on March 16, Benjamin Mwangi described how news of his son’s death was broken to him while at work even as he asked the court to find justice for the five-year-old.

“When police arrived, I went to the back office with them and asked if something had happened to my father. When they said it wasn’t my father, my thoughts instantly turned to Logan. I was hysterical and fell to the floor. I left work without telling anyone what had happened and the police took me home,” he stated.

He revealed to the court that they separated with Logan’s mother after disagreements but supported his son through finances.

“I was present when Logan was born and it was the happiest time of my life. I stayed with Claire for a few weeks but I would clash quite a lot with Claire and did not think it was good for anyone, especially Logan, so I moved back to Brentwood with my mum and my first priority was to get work to support Angharad and Logan and I was able to financially support them,” he told the court.




Racism: 5-Yr-Old Logan Mwangi Murdered by Mom & Step Dad in UK


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