Whispers from the Dead may save Kenya

Whispers from the Dead may save Kenya


Musalia Mudavadi undergoing treatment in India

According to the Press Trust of India,Kenya’s Deputy Prime Minister, Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi, has been admitted to a hospital in India for treatment,
Mudavadi’s condition was not immediately known neither was the nature of the ailment for which he is undergoing treatment .The report says that he was initially staying in a city hotel and was later taken to Jupiter hospital for treatment till next month.
Kenya Dy PM undergoing treatment in Thane hospital

From Vermont, a living gift for Kenyans
December 23, 2008

They may be hard to wrap or put under a tree, but a nonprofit organization in Manchester is asking for help this holiday season to buy cows and goats for families in northern Kenya.

Cows for Kids, a project of The Boma Fund, has been giving livestock as gifts to people in pastoral nomadic communities in northern Kenya for the past three years, around the same time a 2006 drought killed 85 percent of the livestock in the country.

"Almost all the livestock we provide is female livestock, so No. 1, they produce milk and it’s a great source of nutrition to mix the milk with the blood of a cow … and the second part is cows can become pregnant and can double their gift if they have calves," said Kathleen Colson, director of The Boma Fund.

As people breed the cows, the calves are often sold as a source of income to put a child through school or to pay for health care, Colson said.

"Many times, the cows are their bank account," she said.

Through programs such as Cows for Kids, The Boma Fund is trying to help Kenyans make the transition from a livestock economy to a cash economy and instead of simply giving people handouts that could eventually make them rely on other people, it gives them a chance to become self-reliant.

"The goal, especially after the drought, was to keep people out of the famine-relief feeding centers where they become very aid-dependent and once they have, it’s hard to get them out," Colson said.

Cows for Kids purchases the livestock in two rounds each year after the rain seasons have passed, with the next round expected to be in January.

"We make sure the rains have arrived, we don’t want to deliver livestock and then have a drought," Colson said.

Once it is time to purchase the livestock, either from the town of Namanga, a market in Isiolo or in Moyale, Ethiopia, Colson travels to Kenya and helps with the purchase, although the distribution is done entirely by the natives.

The recipients are chosen by a community committee made up of elders, religious leaders and teachers, and then warriors and guards are in charge of giving the livestock to families with young children who have the most need for the animals.

"I’m the fundraiser, but the most important thing is that this is a locally run project and priority is given to the widows with young children and those particularly devastated from the drought," Colson said.

Colson said she is sometimes asked why Americans should donate to people in Kenya, especially with the economy how it is and needs closer to home. Colson said she sees it as helping part of the world population, which has no boundaries.

"I think we’re in an interconnected world now more than ever before, what happens in Kenya does reverberate here," Colson said.

"If we don’t educate people and give them a source of income, it is very likely it will become a haven for terrorists," she said. "Terrorism comes from places with little hope, it’s in our best interest to make sure those people in places of incredible poverty have an opportunity to move forward, and they need to have a hope they can move forward."

Anyone interested in donating can give either $50 to buy a goat or $25 to contribute to buying one, or $250 for a cow or $125 to contribute to one, on the Cows for Kids Web site, www.cowsforkids.org.

Contact Dawson Raspuzzi at [email protected].


Parliament votes against taxation
Tue, Nov 25, 2008
Parliament Tuesday unanimously passed the finance bill 2008 but minus the clause that would have allowed the taxman to collect money from their fat pay cheques.
Out of the 222 sitting Mps only two Kangundo members, Johnstone Muthama and Ndaragwa Mp Jeremiah Kioni have voluntarily offered to have their allowances taxed.
In one of those rare but predictable moments by the honorable members, the Mps came together to pass the finance bill without the clause that allows for the taxation of their allowances.
Acting Finance Minister John Michuki succeeded in having the Finance bill 2008 passed but not after yielding to members’ persuasion to amend clause 39 of the bill that would have essentially subjected their allowances to taxation.
Michuki tactfully avoided moving the amendment instead letting the chairman of the parliamentary finance committee Chris Okemo to move the controversial amendment that has seen an outpouring of criticisms leveled against Mps for failing to honor their fiscal obligation like the rest of Kenyans.
Earlier during the day members resolved to oppose any move to tax their allowances at a speaker’s Kamukunji held at parliament Old chambers.
Only Kangundo member Johnstone Muthama disowned their resolutions.
Muthama and Ndaragwa legislator Jeremiah Kioni have voluntarily written to the clerk and the speaker of the national assembly directing that their allowances be taxed


Please read the facts below and sign this petition at the address http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/KDFC for Kenyan parliament to reduce the MPs salary.
Dear Kenyan,
Below is your MPs total salary per month
Basic salary = Sh. 395,000
A minimum commuted mileage = Sh. 75,000
Entertainment allowance = Sh. 60,000
Extraneous allowance = Sh. 30,000
House allowance = Sh. 70,000
Monthly car maintenance allowance = Sh. 247,000.
Gym membership allowance = Sh. 2,000.
Vehicle fixed cost allowance = Sh. 336,000
Committee meeting allowance = Sh. 40,000
Constituency allowance = Sh. 50,000
TOTAL TAX FREE = Sh. 1,242, 2000
= $17,742 per month
Per year each MP earn = $212,904 per year
EXTRAS Car loan = Sh 3.3 Million
House loan = sh 10 million
USA senator’s salary = $165,000/year
= $13,750 per month
The salaries the Kenyan MPs are earning are from donors. This money will be paid back to a single drop by Kenyan tax payers. Kenya is a very poor country compared to United States. Just why these MPs earn more than the USA senators baffles everyone. However, they do so because the public have not demanded their rights. We have 207 MPs may be more. In five years they will draw about Ksh. 2 billion. This is greed. Only the Kenyan public can stop this.
Sign this petition and we will make sure it is delivered to the hands of the donors. We will also make attempt to lobby US/UK congress/senate to look into the money these two countries give to Kenya. Kenyan economy cannot sustain this. This petition may help stop this.
Again the petition site is: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/KDFC
Dr. Barack O. Abonyo

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