Google Maps Arrives for Six African Countries, including Kenya


Google has announced that they rolled out their popular Google Maps service for 40 new countries, of which six are on the African soil.

“Our efforts to start putting Africa on the map kicked off in 2009 when we launched Google Maps for Kenya, followed by the addition of another 31 domains in early 2010. We have also enabled users in 45 African countries to build and edit maps in Map Maker – a product that enables people to add to and update the map for their local area,” Google said in a blog post.

The latest African countries to enjoy all the mapping benefits of Google Maps are Somalia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Lesotho, Mali and Niger. Google Maps allows users to view local roads, businesses and surroundings in great detail, and can also be used as a navigational tool.

“With the new local domains on Google Maps, users can now add and find local businesses and services. Businesses can create a free listing on Google Places and install the Maps API on their websites to help customers find their location. We also offer Google Maps for mobile on web enabled handsets, which is of particular interest for Africa where there is a huge percentage of people using mobile to access the Internet,” Google added.



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