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They are a highly trained elite force in the country, respected by their peers and dedicated to the service of protecting the president of the republic of Kenya. These courageous men have sacrificed their lives in the spirit of patriotism.

Kiss TV’s Dennis Okari brings you an explosive 3 part series of the men in black in presidential in-security.



On part 2 of Presidential In-security Dennis Okari explores the world of the Recce company, the elite squad that protects the president, who have suffered in silence with no platform to raise their concerns but he we will just do that. Give them a platform.



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The Recce company guards the President, dignitaries and VIP’s. They are the Kenyan secret service yet what they take home after working long odd hours with dedication is somewhat an embarrassment to this country.

For years they have served with diligence but a dangerous trend is being set with emergence of terror groups, only patriotism is keeping them sane. On the last part of ‘Presidential In-Security’, Kiss TV’s Dennis Okari expounds on what danger lies ahead.











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