Photo:President Kibaki’s Sh500 million retirement home in the Aberdares

As he exits the murky world of politics, President Kibaki’s Sh500 million retire- ment home is now ready. President Kibaki will leave State House after next year’s March 4 General Election, ending a ten-year term in office. Works on the palatial home in Mweiga, along the Nyeri – Nyahururu highway, were completed in August this year and a contingent of the General Service Unit (GSU) has been deployed there.


After opening this year’s Central ASK show at Kabiruini grounds, President Kibaki toured the home and had lunch there. Since then, his children have visited the home on many occasions. The permanent home lies on a 100 acre of land, which is part of the 1,000 acres of land belonging to Sasini Mweiga Estate. Reports say President Kibaki bought the farm.

The head of the Sasini Mweiga Estate is Naushad Merali, who is his longtime friend. “The home has a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and other modern facilities. It is ready for use,” said a source from the farm. The home has a guest house, main house and secretariat offices. There are also security houses adjacent and a canteen for the workers. Well-manicured grounds, with a capacity of over 300 guests has also been established.

The home is easily accessible with a helipad where helicopters can land and fly uniterrupted. President Kibaki currently has homes in Nairobi’s Muthaiga and Othaya. It is not clear whether he will be alternating between the homes since he will still be visiting the Othaya Kanyange home. The President has visited the home secretly more than twice in the last three years.

“This tells many people that Kibaki might not retire in Othaya after all despite having a home which is well manned by the State and which is only about 25km away. Maybe he would like to rest without regular disturbances from his people who he have represent- ed for about 40 years in Parliament,” said a leader in Othaya.

President Kibaki will next year be retiring after 50 years in active politics. Kibaki entered elective politics in 1963, winning the Doonholm constituency – now Makadara – in Nairobi on a Kanu ticket. He shifted to Othaya in 1974, which he has represented uninterrupted. Kibaki won the presidential election by a landslide in 2002 to become Kenya’s third president. His re-election in 2007 was disputed. The constitution bars him from con- testing in 2012 as he will have served two five-year terms.

Kibaki can expect a luxurious life in retirement that includes 38 servants paid for by the public. He will collect a Sh17 million lump sum gratuity as a goodbye token from Government. This is calculated as a sum equal to his annual salary for the two terms served as President as stipulated in the Presidential Retirements Benefits Act (2003).

He will receive at least Sh950, 000 tax-free pensions each month — calculated as 80 per cent of the salary of the next President. The Othaya MP will be entitled to a housing allowance of Sh300,000 a month, Sh300,000 each month as electricity, water and telephone allowances; and a further Sh200,000 monthly as entertainment allowance. He will also be entitled to two four-wheel drive cars with an engine capacity of 3,400 cc and two others of his choice with an engine capacity of at least 3,000 cc.

Kibaki will also receive Sh200,000 monthly as fuel allowance. A reputable insurance company will provide him and his wife at Government expense, with full medical and hospital cover providing for local and overseas treatment. He will be provided with a fully furnished “suitable” office and supplies.

A view of Kibaki’s Sh500 million palatial home in Mweiga, along the Nyeri- Nyahururu highway.














Source:The People

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