Diaspora Candidate for Kiambu Senate Seat Teresia Wairimu Kairu Captures Nomination


By Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) in Kijabe

After a chaotic nomination day in Kenya where TNA, ODM, and other parties postponed their nominations for candidates who will vie for seats during the coming general elections, Diaspora Senate Candidate Teresia Wairimu Kairu was home free with nomination as a candidate for Kiambu Senate Seat.


MS. Kairu has been fighting with the IEBC over use of her ID in the Biometric voter Register to register a fictitious person by the name Joyce Chepkomboi. On getting an apology from the IEBC and confirming her registry as the legitimate owner of the ID in question, she was confirmed by the registrar of political parties as a candidate on the 17th of January 2013. The Director of Public Prosecution is still awaiting the investigative report by the CID as to the illegality surrounding Ms. Kairu’s ID.


On hearing that Kairu was not comfortable with the chaos of TNA and their nominations upuzi, the party that started multi-party democracy in Kenya under the leadership of Kenneth Matiba, and a member of the Jubilee coalition, SABA SABA ASILI offered her the direct nominations under their banner. This cleared her from the TNA party chaos, which saw some precincts ballots not even having a name for Senate candidature. SABA SABA ASILI is supporting Uhuru Kenyatta for president.


“As a member of the Diaspora, and having lived in the United States where there is order, I cannot in good conscious compete under a party that is not only disorganized, chaotic, full of hooliganism, and which seem to conduct itself in confusion.” Teresia Wairimu Kaiuru said with Joy. “I came from Atlanta Georgia to try to bring sanity to the Kenyan government. How can I do that if I am travelling in a bus so fogy I cannot see the way?” She asked


With the path clear, Teresia Wairimu Kairu can now wait, not for some party goons to decide her fitness to lead Kiambu County, but for the citizens of Kiambu to decide on 4th of march 2013. She is now calling on all Diaspora members with family in Kiambu County to tell them to prepare to vote for her.


Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD), Director, international Desk, SYR radio/TV. Diaspora Messenger Contributor

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