Romour or Truth?:Exclusive apology of Ocampo to Kenyans over ICC 4


There is a small piece doing rounds of former International Criminal Court (ICC) Chief Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo breaking his long silence by apologizing to Kenyans following indictment of four Kenyans suspects during his tenure as a prosecutor.

In a statement purportedly leaked by an ICC insider, Moreno who is currently working with International Federation Association Football (FIFA) as legal officer in Zurich Switzerland, said he was forced by Western Nations to nail the four suspects, though there was no convincing evidence to commit them to trial.
Moreno, who is an Argentina national, said he was particularly cornered by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to nail the four suspects, saying he had no intention of committing them to trial.
Below is an apology letter of Moreno Ocampo (We cannot confirm this but are working on it. For now have the letter)
Dear Kenyans

I have taken so much time thinking about this statement and I have decided to apologize to the people of Kenya.

When I was the Chief Prosecutor at the ICC, I came under intense pressure from countries that were funding my office to do something with the Kenyan violence. We did investigations, but we could not come up with a watertight case.

But former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan pressed my office to heavily rely on statements that had been collected by Justice Waki.

In addition, he gave me recommendations and names of people who were suspected of fueling the violence. The initial list had President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Politically, it was not viable to indict them, that is why we had to settle on the six. As of now, I regret why I succumbed to much pressure from the donors to indict the six Kenyans.

Let the truth be said. I hope my successorFatou Bensouda who opposed the indictments in the first place, can have the courage to drop the charges.

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