Diaspora “Pioneer” Pastor, to Celebrate 40 years Wedding Anniversary in Massachusetts

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In this the fast paced world,many families don’t make it through the first five years, let alone four times that number. A couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary certainly deserve celebrations. They have managed to survive almost half century of life’s ups and downs together. What could be the secret to a healthy happy marriage?how do you build the right balance between Work,Family and Finance?How do you smoother the rough edges in a Marriage relationship?What Communication skills do you employ?

This serves as a good example and an encouragement to those who are in or planing to enter into marriage life. Rev. Peter Gachathi & Nellie Ndiho Pastors at St Paul’s Community Church , Lawrence ,MA are a living testimony that with Christ, love and understanding marriage can survive the storms.

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Come and witness the lord’s Victory and hear testimonies of a couple who love and fear him.Their 40 years Anniversary is an open Invitation to all.Come and let us Celebrate together.

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