Word of the Day:How much worth do you attach to yourself

Do you value yourself? Value is the certain amount of worth that is attached to something. We fix some sort of value in the material things that we own or see. Everything before our eyes has a different measure of worth attached to it. We all have that one person that we would not like to see getting hurt or one thing that we treasure so much that we couldn’t imagine living without.

We may treasure other people so much and they too might seem to feel the same way about us but the question is, how much do you treasure yourself? How much worth do you attach to yourself? Do you value yourself? Some of us do not appreciate who they are. Among other people, we tend to feel or place ourselves in a class that is much lower than where we ought to be. At times we tend to doubt our self worth in certain situations and this interferes with our self esteem which in turn affects how we perform in both our social lives and careers. So if you feel like you don’t deserve treating yourself the way you do, raise your head up high, double up your self-value and say-‘I’m worth more than silver and gold’

Proverbs 19:8:Whoever gets sense loves his own soul; he who keeps understanding will discover good…

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