Video:Nigerian deported alongside Antony Chinedu sneaks back to Kenya


NAIROBI, KENYA: Security agents are looking for one of the men deported alongside Nigerianbusinessman Anthony Chinedu after he sneaked back to Kenya through the Kenya-Tanzania border.

And an immigration officer who allowed Eneke Chimenze alias Anaeke Chimezie to pass through the Namanga border has been arrested and is expected in court on Friday afternoon.Â

The officer was arrested on Friday morning and brought to Nairobi where he was questioned.

He is said to have allowed the Nigerian back to the country a month after he and his compatriots including Chinedu and Christopher Nnanyelu were deportedover drug trafficking charges.

Authorities said the suspect is believed to be in Nairobi.Â

“We fear he may harm the officers who participated in his deportation or other people, said an officer who is aware of the operations.

Head of CID in Nairobi Nicholas Kamwende said efforts to arrest the Nigerian were ongoing.

“We have laws and we must apply them. He will be caught soon,” said Kamwende.

When the Nigerians were deported on June 3, they caused drama in Lagos prompting the detention of their plane for two weeks.

The Nigerian government came out to declare that it was the one holding the seven Kenyan government officials and five airline crew who had escorted Chinedu and his compatriots.

The plane and its crew, immigration officials and police were later released on the intervention of President Goodluck Jonathan.

In the past one-month, more than 24 foreigners have been deported for alleged involvement in international crimes.

Seven out of the 24 foreigners are believed to be key members of drug cartels operating in Kenya and have in the past been arrested on narcotic offences.

Russian Kurtasov Andrey, 42 was also deported several days after then acting interior cabinet secretary Githu Muigai ordered for his deportation.

They include Chinedu, Chimenze, Nanyelu, Johnson Obina, Emmanuel Peter, Paul Maison, John Peter Osinomuno, Ismail Adengule, Michael Olabaji, Paul Owasene, Adu Kolawale, Kenneth Chikenzi, Johnson Obina, Adebiyi Oluwatosini, Peter Sessie and Obira Onzama.

Also deported were Diawara Mamady and Komani Camara (Guinea Bissau); Solomon Haulu (Ethiopia), Abubakar Toure (Ivory Coast), Mohammed Dokure (Burundi), Asif Mohammed and Mohammed Khan (Pakistan), and Mohammed Kamara (Sierra Leone)

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