Lupita Nyong’o Is A Better Actress Than Oprah:Hollywood Movie Critic


Lupita Nyong'oThis is definitely Lupita Nyongo’s year!After playing alongside Brad Pitt  in 12 Years A Slave she is now being endorsed for an Oscar nomination against bigwigs such as Oprah and Julia Roberts.

We all know that Oprah is the talk host show queen and also a brilliant actress(she has played the role of Sophia in The Color Purple) and Julia Roberts is famed for her acting prowess and her ability to bring home the big bucks.

Despite all their accolades people are rooting for the newbie with one movie critic Brad Brevet saying:
“Nyong’o doesn’t have the same name recognition as Oprah, but if you were to compare the two performances it’s quite obvious, to me at least, who gives the better performance. In fact, I don’t know how Oprah could campaign against Nyong’o and hold her head high. Winfrey could walk around and accept whatever kudos and adulation fall upon her shoulders, but to actively campaign for an Oscar, claiming acting superiority would be rather naive.”

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