Why does a good and powerful God allow evil to happen?

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JesusHave you ever battled with such a question? Have you ever sought to understand why evil thrives when God is good and powerful? The recent terrorist attack in Westgate mall in Nairobi city left many dead and even more injured. The faith of Kenyans in their God of all creation is amazing. The great work by the defence forces showed that we have much to be grateful for, with regards to their effort. For anyone who suffered no direct loss, God’s intervention is clearly seen. Why? It is easy to trust God when things are easy. But what about those who lost loved ones? Do all of them find their comfort in God? It is possible and it is the best place to find solace, beloved. This note is specifically for hurting people in the Body of Christ, who share their faith in Jesus. In the midst of hurt, God either becomes someone we hold close or, true at times, one we blame. Hopefully you will see that God is sovereign and that adversity, ideally, should draw us to our Maker. It should help us trust in Him when we are at wits end and have reached the end of our strength. In our helplessness, He becomes our strength. To believe that, especially after losing a loved one, is to have strong Faith in the Creator. This kind of faith is not saving faith (Ephesians 2:8-9) that entered you into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Saviour. This kind of faith is rooted in saving faith, but it is a gift. It is listed in 1st Corinthian 12:9 among the other gifts. And because the Holy Spirit gives the gift, we must be patient with those who find it hard to see God in the pain. This faith is not virtuous. God wants us to desire this gift of faith (1st Corinthians 14:1a) Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts.

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Hopefully those followers of Jesus Christ who eagerly desire the faith to understand why a good and powerful God exists seemingly blind in the midst of tragedy will find a glimmer of hope.
But why write, Ernest? To defend God? Nay. Christ needs no defence. He is God. I write because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). Your faith needs to be built because you probably have more time in this world of hurt. You will have trouble in this world; the Bible guarantees it (John 16:33). As inevitable trouble comes everyday through accidents, acts of terror, natural calamities, you need to live and not just survive; you need faith. So, this is to those who may ask why does a good and powerful God allow evil to happen?
By Ernest Wamboye

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