Boxing Champion Conjestina Achieng detained over Sh529, 000 medical bill


Boxing Champion Conjestina Achieng detained over Sh529, 000 medical bill

Boxing Champion Conjestina Achieng detained over Sh529, 000 medical billKISUMU, KENYA: Former top boxing champion Conjestina Achieng has been detained in a hospital in Kisumu over a medical bill amounting to Sh529, 000.

Conje, as she is known by her fans, has been admitted two months now, and was supposed to be discharged from the hospital on Sunday after her condition stabilized.

Clement Adala, Conjestina’s father said the family had organised a fundraiser at the weekend so as to help raise the bill but only managed to raise Sh60, 000.

“It was a big disappointment and as it stands now my daughter will not be out of the hospital soon,” said Mr Adala.

He has raised fears that the condition of Conjestina would worsen if she was not discharged soon and appealed for well-wishers to help free her from the custody.

He said irrespective of the wide media appeals for the rescue of Conjestina, he has managed to raise Sh13, 000 on the mobile money services.

He expressed discontent with the way the Government and leaders have responded to the plight of Conjestina since she dropped boxing; a situation he says has contributed to the worsened condition.

Adala said her daughter was still confident that she can still get back to the gymnasium but she feels the world has abandoned her, despite her outstanding performances which brought respect to the country.

Conjestina was forced to celebrate both her birthday and Mashujaa Day (which falls on the same day) at the hospital as the doctors deterred her from leaving the premises, and the father expressed disappointment that the state did not recognise her as one of the mentioned Mashujaas in the country.

Conjestina who had packed her belonging in readiness to leave the hospital was disappointed and she is growing worried over her continued stay at the hospital.

“I cannot go to that hospital now because anytime she sees me she asks why she is still in the ward,” added Adala.

He expressed fears that the bill could reach an unaffordable level if his daughter continues to stay at the hospital since the hospital charges Sh5, 000 for a night-stay on its patients.

Conje, 35, was admitted to the hospital by well-wishers after the Standard Group highlighted her plight in theNairobian newspaper.-The Standard

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