Fake Kenyan Promoter Beaten Senseless In Dubai

Kenyan promoters have taken the front seat putting the country to shame thanks to their greedy nature of taking off with artistes money. Most who fall victims are the unsuspecting international artistes who innocently sign up for shows in the country only to end up stranded in hotels with bills pilling up and the promoters no where to be seen!

recently got what they should all get when he got a thorough beating for going missing with artistes money. Many have surfaced since claiming the hooligan owns them money, and of course many were glad he got disciplined. The said promoter, Hassan Waziri met his fate in Dubai where frustration was converted to blows after Ukoo Flani rapper Cannibal got stranded in a hotel in Dubai for failing to clear his debts. This morning, Kenyans downed on the con promoter who had allegedly distanced himself from the allegations. Waziri  was this morning beaten up and left in taters and his photo posted online and is now making rounds in twitter

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