Vision of Jesus-Africa Must be Anointed

“In the year 2011 I saw a vision of Jesus looking through the window facing Africa from His heavenly seat. On the side there were written letters on the wall- A.M.A and somebody read them for me and said Africa Must be Anointed. Suddenly Jesus stepped out and clothed Himself with Africa as a garment. He started walking around the globe.
REVELATION: Jesus is coming soon, Africa must be divinely empowered with the word of the truth. Jesus is trusting the body of Christ in Africa to clothe His nakedness exposed by the foreign gospel of deception, intimidation, manipulation by the western culture of imperialism. Africa arise the night is over and spread the end time gospel of love peace and unity.

The time to look up rather than look west is now! God has put His fatherhood spirit in Africa ( Matthew 2:2). A new world will be reborn from Africa, says the Lord. BLESSED BLESSED CHRIST BIRTH! Have a new rebirth spiritually, physically and materially.

Year 2014 is a special year, more on this coming soon.”

By Apostle Mary Magdalene Wangui, founder of The Will of God

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