A Kenyan in the US develops Mobile App for Church Sermons

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“Kenya matters because it’s one of the places where the future of technology is coming into focus, where a generation of creative Kogerapeople are building the future, one experiment at a time.” These are words of an influential tech blogger and Harvard researcher Ethan Zuckerman after visiting Kenya in the late 2010.

It is evidently clear Kenyans are very creative in using technology to scale up their imaginative businesses.

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Over the past half decade,Kenya has emerged seemingly from nowhere as a hotbed of innovation stirring a technological revolution.

This creativity and tech enthusiasm is being replicated by Jack Kogera of Plano, Texas who has developed a mobile app for ministry evangelism.

This innovative app dubbed Bread of Life can stream sermons from various preachers from diverse countries.His passion is to ensure that the word of God reaches all corners of the world using available technology.
Jack Kogera worked as a Senior Systems Analyst at MIT for about 4 years before branching out to mobile app development. He develops apps for all businesses, organizations, schools, as well.

To access this incredible opportunity for evangelism and ministry,download Bread of life app today from the android store.

To listen to the sermons on the go on your mobile phone and be encouraged, uplifted, inspired, rebuked, motivated

Download Breadof life App on your Mobile Phone Today!!

breadoflife4 A Kenyan in the US develops Mobile App for Church Sermons

breadoflife5 A Kenyan in the US develops Mobile App for Church Sermons

For more info contact Jack at 7176082406 or [email protected] for all your mobile app needs.

Currently there is a special offer for a limited time where the setup fee is$100 and then the monthly fee is $20. This is for a package of iphone and android app.

To sign up for this offer go to, http://javeapps.com/bol-sign-up or go to

Face book page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bread-of-Life/418314094941259

Contact: Jack at 7176082406 for more Information..

By Sam Mwaura/Samrack Media


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